iPhone7 surprises less and less, has turned into a star celebrity Yan value show

Lin Zhiying has sun-baked the iPhone, and 404 Jun (micro-signal: i404Page) also wants one.

Although the confidentiality of Apple in the Cook era is not as good as before, the new Apple machine of each year can still bring a lot of suspense to consumers. Before Apple held the press conference, all kinds of rumors and spy photos about the iPhone were the focus of the media or broke the competition. Some netizens laughed that the news of Apple and iPhone propped up the half of the technology media.

Among the annual news, the most anticipated by Chinese netizens is the news of Taiwanese artist Lin Zhiying. Before the iPhone was officially released, Lin Zhiying would take the first step to upload photos of his new handheld to Weibo. This year is no exception.

A few days ago, some netizens uploaded photos of Lin Zhiying holding a new iPhone on Weibo. From the photo, the iPhone should be equipped with a dual camera and move the antenna to the border. This should be the rumored iPhone 7 Plus/Pro.

iPhone7 surprises less and less, broke the news has become a star celebrity Yan value show

According to the accuracy of Lin Zhiying's previous reports, we can basically confirm that this is the new machine that will be released at the Apple conference in September.

It is worth mentioning that Lin Zhiying’s breaking news did not achieve the “starting” achievement. Before Lin Zhiying, Cecilia Cheung’s photo of the new iPhone was uploaded to Instagram.

On July 13 this year, Singaporean netizens met Zhang Baizhi in the mall, and the two took a group photo. Subsequently, the netizen uploaded the photo to Instagram. The sharp-eyed Singaporean friends immediately discovered that the mobile phone that Cecilia Cheung held was suspected to have not yet released a new iPhone.

iPhone7 surprises less and less, broke the news has become a star celebrity Yan value show

However, unlike Lin Zhiying, the new machine in Cecilia Cheung's hands is not the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro with dual cameras, but the iPhone 7 with a smaller one. From this photo, the iPhone 7's antenna was also moved out of the frame and equipped with only one rear camera.

Many netizens have released Lin Zhiying as a spokes for the Apple conference. In fact, every time Lin Zhiying is not the first launcher of spy photos, netizens refer to Lin Zhiying's spy photos as "starters", purely because of his greatest influence.

Although Lin Zhiying’s explosives have been highly accurate in recent years, there have been skeptics who believe that Lin Zhiying’s hands are only models. On Taobao, similar models can be bought for as little as 25 yuan.

iPhone7 surprises less and less, broke the news has become a star celebrity Yan value show

The skeptics usually pick up the details of the phone in the picture and think that the work is too rough and does not conform to the iPhone's consistent quality control. When Lin Zhiying exposed the iPhone 6s, even some netizens found clues from the reflection of Lin Zhiying's sunglasses, proving that the device was only a model that could not be bright.

What is puzzling is that Lin Zhiying has never responded to similar questions and has never shown the equipment in his hands in the form of video. Equally puzzling, there is Apple's official attitude - Apple does not seem to care about Lin Zhiying's high-profile early exposure of the new iPhone. Even, Apple’s internal staff endorsed Lin Zhiying, acknowledging that the equipment in his hands was an iPhone 6 that had not been released at the time, and explained that the so-called details of the workmanship questioned by netizens was because each test device had subtle differences.

In fact, it is of no practical significance to discuss the authenticity of the equipment in Lin Zhiying's hands. All rumors need to wait until the press conference to verify. As a pre-heating before the annual Apple conference, 404 Jun thinks that Lin Zhiying, the “Apple spokesperson with dry food”, is quite cute.

After all, the participation of Lin Zhiying, the “iPhone Little Prince” with its own traffic, is missing, and the iPhone reports of major technology websites are also eclipsed.

In addition to Lin Zhiying, more people in the industry are concerned about the news on the Twitter evleaks and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The operator behind the evleaks account is Evan Blass, who has worked in the technology media for many years, with a fan number of 175,000. A large number of celebrities in the tech circles also paid attention to him. Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal, Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief of Mashable, and Dan, editor of CNET Farber, All Things Digital's Ina Fried, Gizmodo, Engadget and JoysTIq co-founder Peter Rojas are fans of evleaks.

iPhone7 surprises less and less, broke the news has become a star celebrity Yan value show

Evan Blass

He has accurately exposed the new machines of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. Every exposure from evleaks will cause widespread concern in the tech world.

iPhone7 surprises less and less, broke the news has become a star celebrity Yan value show

Regrettably, Uncle Evan has washed his hands in the 2014 Golden Bowl and announced his retirement. Despite the emergence of rising stars, evleaks are still unforgettable. After all, for our generation of tech media people, who has not used the "disclosed by the big god evleaks" as the beginning of the article.

Like evleaks, KGI’s analyst, Guo Mingchi, is also a big hit by the media. Every year, Guo Mingchi’s analysis of Apple’s report is the focus of media attention. Guo Mingchi’s report is often able to accurately predict the new features of heavy products such as iPhones and iPads one year before the launch.

Although he has won the name of the apple by breaking the news, Guo Mingchi has always been quite mysterious. All the information that Guo Mingchi knew about the outside world was only the title of “KGI Securities Analyst”, and even other analysts working at KGI Securities admitted that they did not know the true identity of Guo Mingchi. Unlike the wide-ranging evleaks, Guo Mingchi’s research is only available to Apple’s one. Guo Mingchi’s report is extremely accurate, but never provides spy photos. Therefore, Guo Mingchi's news is generally more concerned by the media or the financial community, but in general fruit powder.

Compared with the fact that the equipment in Lin Zhiying's hands is difficult to distinguish, evleaks and Guo Mingchi's breaking materials usually originate from relatively reliable industrial chain people, have a high reference value, and can even directly cause stock price fluctuations of Apple and industrial chain related companies.

For ordinary fruit powder, paying attention to Lin Zhiying is a pretty good choice. In addition to the release of "new iPhone", Lin Zhiying is also keen to show other Apple related novelty accessories; and for 404 Jun is so serious (positive face) Media people, Guo Mingchi and evleaks are our favorites.

Compared with the Jobs era, today's rumors about the iPhone are getting more and more accurate. "Before Apple held the press conference, the new iPhone has been released on Weibo."

Although it is known in advance that the exact features of the new iPhone fully satisfy the curiosity of consumers, it also makes the annual conference more and more lacking in surprise. 404 Jun feels that compared with the overly accurate disclosure, the various "rumors" and "prophecies" that used to be full of imaginations seem more interesting.

404 Jun still remembers that before the press conference that year, some media broke the news that the new iPad will be equipped with the function of "electronic scale". When used in the kitchen, you can directly weigh the ingredients on the iPad. This is of course a false news, but it is these “false news” that are difficult to distinguish between true and false and full of imagination, making the new device so attractive.

Perhaps, not Apple's confidential work has deteriorated, but the iPhone itself has become more and more boring.

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