Why is the designer channel still "dive"?

[Source: "High-tech LED-lighting market" August issue He Xingling]

In recent years, as people's demands for quality of life have increased, the concept of "designer" has been raised.

Designer channel is a channel that must be developed by high-end brands or personalized brands, which can bring considerable benefits to enterprises. Because of the indispensability, there are many problems in the designer channel. Problems such as retracting deductions, high investment, and long-term effectiveness have made enterprises and experts confused for a long time, and the industrial chain of enterprises and designer channels also needs to be integrated.

So how does the company integrate designer resources and tap the designer channel, and how long will the designer channel “dive”?

Invisible channel involves links

The designer is an important influencer of the customer's procurement of products. The company can successfully complete the sales with the influence of the designer, and can also obtain the information of the project in advance through the designer channel.

THORN engineer Cao Chuanshuang said, “The manufacturer is the provider of the product, the designer is the provider of the solution and the recommender of the product. The manufacturer hopes that the designer will recommend the product in the solution. The designer hopes that the product and service provided by the manufacturer will contribute to the design. Enhance, meet design needs and achieve results. From the business logic point of view, the ultimate goal of this channel is that manufacturers achieve sales, designers enhance their own capabilities and achieve design solutions, each of which achieves sustainable business development, the two are a mutually beneficial Relationship".

It is understood that the links involved in the industry chain include the following: 1. Positioning and matching: According to the product application field and market positioning of the manufacturer, find the matching designer resources and make a contact visit. 2. Promotion training: manufacturers carry out brand promotion and value transfer to designers, implement new lighting technologies and design concepts, and train product performance parameters and application methods; 3. Collaborative design: according to the needs of designers, manufacturers provide designers with Technical consultation, product consultation, illumination calculation, product application plan, sample submission and experiment, etc.; 4. Selection recommendation: The designer confirms the selection of the lamp according to the actual effect requirements of the project, comprehensive product training and sample experiment results. Recommendations; 5, procurement implementation: lighting procurement implementation stage, manufacturers ensure that products and services are provided according to the original design plan to achieve lighting effects; 6, cooperation incentives: through activities and designers to maintain contact and good interaction, promote industry progress and brand development .

Therefore, for the enterprise, the designer directly influences the product purchase in the upstream, and the cooperation with the designer can bring huge benefits to the enterprise. Of course, it also includes professional designers such as architecture, curtain wall, garden landscape and interior decoration.

Designer does not understand lighting

At present, many companies at home and abroad are trying to integrate the designer channel with the enterprise's industrial chain and implement a leap. For example, integrating the technology, product design, sales and designer channels into a complete chain, then the invisible channel is directly The sales performance will increase significantly. Opening up new hidden channels is a new profit growth point for enterprises. Now many lighting companies are striving to open up designer channels and win a place for themselves. In the fierce and full-fledged lighting industry, the number of traditional channels is no longer fresh. As long as we continue to work hard, the current focus of competition is on the development of invisible channels, but the designer’s invisible channels are out of touch with the industry chain. .

According to Zheng Zhimin, general manager of Sichuan Rongfu Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., in the lighting industry, designers are the links that cannot be avoided in engineering sales. Now there are clear provisions that lighting products cannot be marked on the design drawings and can only indicate technical specifications. ,model.

Usually, many companies will promote their lighting products through designers, and put their best products and technical threshold products into the designer's drawings and design schemes. This is the way that industrial products sales have always been respected. Moreover, designers generally choose three products, and the final design of the program can only be "three choices one", using one of the brand's products.

“The hidden channel in the narrow sense is this group of designers. If you find your own partner, you can expand your business.” Zheng Zhimin revealed that they have now opened up the designer channel, but they are handed over to others by “outsourcing”. To do it, it is understandable to give some "kickbacks" in the middle.

However, what is incredible now is that technology and market positioning links run counter to the designer channel. What is the reason? A very important part of the industry chain is the market positioning of technology and R&D. If you go through the designer channel and encounter a designer who doesn't understand lighting technology and principles, then the designer channel will be defeated.

Now some high-powered designers have their own unique ideas, but some ideas are out of touch with reality. And now a large part of the designer understands the lighting industry too lightly, only seeing the surface, not knowing the principles and techniques of light. “Like lighting, they design the lights very beautifully, but they don’t know anything about the use of light, so the products they design are just awesome.”

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