Toshiba sells all its semiconductor shares and shrinks overseas nuclear power business

[Global Technology Reporter Wang Huan] According to a report from Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on February 15, Toshiba’s president Gang Chuan-chi stated at the press conference on the 14th that a new company will be formed for the split-semiconductor business. “It will be flexible and will not be ruled out. Any possibility" means that it is also possible to sell all shares. Toshiba has shown that it is not rigidly adhered to the conditions of the right to operate and that the sale will be determined and the financial reforms will be scrutinized. The nuclear power business, which has caused huge losses, will promote the sale of shares of UK and U.S. subsidiary companies.

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The company intends to sell its shares in NuGeneration, a UK nuclear power business. It also considers reducing its investment in US nuclear company Westinghouse Electric (WH).

Toshiba will build a flash memory semiconductor company, a major semiconductor product, and is launching a competitive bidding process for external funding. The initial retention of influence has shown that only 20% of the shares will be sold, but due to the company's crisis, it is time to consider changing the policy. Gang Chuan said: "(Group companies) did not study the sale of non-semiconductor business."

Toshiba will hold an extraordinary general meeting in late March to try to approve the establishment of the new company. In addition to foreign funds, the acquisition of Sharp's Hon Hai Precision Industry Corporation also participated in the bidding.

On the other hand, Toshiba put forward a directional statement on overseas nuclear power business, "will not bear the risk of civil construction, specializing in equipment supply and engineering, etc.," indicating that it plans to withdraw from construction. In China, we will continue to carry out business operations based on the restart, repair, and scrapping of nuclear power plants. Gang Gang said on the acquisition of WH "From the point of view, it can be said (is wrong)."

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