The successful commissioning of the world's largest domestic amphibious aircraft is the first to fly!

In July 2016, the domestic large-scale firefighting/water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 was put on the assembly line in Zhuhai. In the following months, a series of joint tests of avionics, hydraulic control, and other systems were successively completed. Ready.

According to the Zhuhai Special Zone Daily, on February 13, the AG600 project completed the first trial run in the order of 2, 1, 3, and 4 engines. Each engine was tested successfully. The engine system was in good condition and the parameters indicated were normal, marking the first time for the AG600 engine. The successful completion of the test run and the comprehensive verification of the engine-related system are in good condition, laying a solid foundation for the next performance test.

According to the data, AG600 is a large-scale special-purpose aircraft that meets China's forest fire fighting and water rescue and is a major aviation equipment that is urgently needed for the construction of the national emergency rescue system.

Its maximum take-off weight is 53.5 tons. It can drown 12 tons once within 20 seconds, and a single water injection fire-fighting area can reach 4,000 square meters. Implementation of surface rescue operations under complex weather conditions can rescue 50 persons in distress at one time.

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