The robot "Dunhuang Xiaobing" helps Mogao Grottoes to relieve the pressure of National Day tourism reception

This year's "Eleventh" Golden Week, in the face of swarming tourists, Mogao Grotto sent an artificial intelligence commentator "Dunhuang Xiaobing".

At what time is the cave in Mogao Grotto look good? Which cave is the highest Buddha statue in? How much is the ticket? ... "Dunhuang Xiaobing" answers questions raised by tourists more than a thousand times a day. Counting on a chat, she has more than 10,000 conversations a day. For the Mogao Grottoes, which received 18,000 visitors during the Golden Week, this is undoubtedly a new way to ease the pressure of tourist reception.

"Dunhuang Xiaobing" is a smart chat robot developed by Microsoft Research Asia and Dunhuang Academy. In August of this year, after nearly one year of exchange and cooperation, “Dunhuang Xiaobing” was launched and merged into the WeChat public number of the Dunhuang Research Institute. After nearly two months of training, the current "Dunhuang Xiaobing" has become a 24-hour online Dunhuang Mogao Grotto "expert".

Du Wei, a staff member of the Dunhuang Academy Network Center, said that in order to provide visitors with a full range of services, Dunhuang Xiaobing not only learned the key content of the Dunhuang Dictionary, but also mastered the knowledge of Dunhuang tourism.

Not only is the cleverness of Dunhuang Xiaobing, she is constantly updating her knowledge base and providing more and more accurate responses. “After iterative self-learning, the same question, the answer one day ago may be different from the answer one day later.” Duan Nan, a researcher at the Natural Language Computing Group of Microsoft Research Asia, introduced the combination of artificial intelligence and machine intelligence. The three-party administrator monitors typical problems raised by users and continuously updates data and standard responses.

At present, "Dunhuang Xiaobing" mainly provides text information. In the future, she will gradually provide image, audio and video content. "I believe that with the iteration of technology, 'Dunhuang Xiaobing' will become more and more intelligent." Duan Nan said.

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