The original innovator Edifier Rambler S1000MA WIFI speaker out of the box

The computer used computer racks for several years. When I thought about it, I wanted to have a computer desk to be comfortable. I bought a computer desk. As a result, the desk was empty, and it was better to buy 2.0 boxes (not 2.1). Multimedia box), I am a fungus, the sound quality requirements are not high, of course, the sound quality can not be as low as the drum sound like hitting the bed board, so the positioning of a thousand or so, yes, is only "listen to a ring." Then began a series of selections, HuiWei must be the first to pay attention, after all, be regarded as "being deeply rooted in the hearts of people", but must be rational consumption, always compare the other, and then look at various comments, combined with Zhang Aunt a variety of sun single , Well, I do not know what to buy, but anyway, not just need to plan which one has a good price to buy which.

Just a few days ago, someone in the group sent this walker S1000MA, which upgraded the WIFI smart cloud function over the S1000. WTF? What is WIFI smart cloud function? At 10 o'clock in the morning on the 21st, the company made a decent start to the whole network. After seeing the price, the 1399 can use a coupon of -100 to send a H297 headset. The first 30 payments are only half price 699. What are you waiting for? If you can pay the top 30, immediately Photographed the H297 booking link, paid a good deposit of 10 yuan, waiting for 21 morning purchase, and then waited for four days, finally arrived, almost 20 kilograms

The outer box was a little bump and hurt the inner box

Open the outer box to see that the inner box is actually open, that is, has been opened once, and the starting thing can not be returned, right?

Fortunately, complete accessories

Seeing the gifts before they know why the inner box is open

The main manifestation is really heavy

Chrysanthemum, analog and coaxial interfaces are gold-plated, fiber optic ports also have protective cover

The volume adjustment is a digital stepless coded locator, counterclockwise rotation to reduce the volume, clockwise rotation to increase the volume, press to switch the input source

After opening the box, mainly to see what the "WIFI intelligent cloud function" in the end is what ghosts, first of all, according to the instructions to download an APP, and then add the device, and then enter the home WIFI password in the APP and hold down the remote control on the collection ( Heart-shaped) key and other voice prompts and then click "search for equipment", and then successfully connect the speaker to the home WIFI and your box can play music through WIFI

Said the remote control, 2.4GHz, 360-degree control, effective distance from the official introduction is 7 meters, in addition to the normal use of the function button there is a voice button, see the above MIC did not? In the WIFI playback, hold down the voice button, you can automatically play the song name you want to hear the MIC loudly

Headphones are gifts

Sun drying desktop

Finally, to sum up, this article does not talk about the sound quality, I do not have the qualification to talk about the sound quality. The purpose of this article is just to make a box to make a virgin sticker to earn some gold coins. This box is exactly the same as the S1000 except this WIFI smart cloud function. Is it worth the price? Now that I haven’t sent my headphones, I’ll use RMB 1299 after coupons. Compared to S1000’s 999 (of course, the price of the event is lower), I think that the difference in WIFI smart cloud function value is on the bar. Anyway, I personally feel that it is not worth it. Thank you everyone!

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