The LED industry has become a "Congruo" and recognizes the situation as a "technology card."

Yesterday (21), the 13th China Hi-Tech Fair concluded with the high-tech fair this year. I believe many people will find that the LED products of the star products of the High-Tech Fair in previous years appear to be “fated” at this year’s Hi-Fi Fair, and the photoelectricity of Hall 3 Flat-panel display exhibitions, led only rare exhibitors.

Recently, Shenzhen's LED industry can be described as dark clouds, there are senior industry insiders expect that from now to the first half of next year, there will be more than 50% of LED companies closed down. Has the LED industry entered the winter?

The LED industry has become the "Sweet potato"

It is understood that in the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, on March 7, 2009, Shenzhen City, the first in the country to publish the "Shenzhen LED industry development plan" and other documents to promote the development of LED energy-efficient lighting. Since then, Shenzhen has applied for a 10% subsidy for LED demonstration projects of government-invested projects according to the price of the lamps, and discounted interest for 3 years. Enterprises that undertake LED application demonstration projects for corporate investment projects are subsidized at 30% of the price of LED lamps. .

For a time, the LED industry has become a "sweet potato," and all the funds have begun to "crazy". A company in the LED industry who has been in the industry for 19 years is one of the sponsors of Shenzhen LED Industry Federation. According to its disclosure, there were only 800 companies in Shenzhen LED industry in 2008. By the end of last year, this figure has Become more than 3,000, occupying 70% of the country.

Industry shuffling from 2009

The "crazy" investment in various funds did not bring healthy healthy development of the industry. It is understood that with the large-scale production and sales of LED products, small factories and small workshops are constantly joining the “battlefield” and adopting some low-price competition techniques to gradually reduce the prices of LED products, so that the market is fully developed before hurt.

"The same products, small businesses to sell 4,000 yuan, medium-sized to sell 5,000 yuan, but some slightly larger companies in order to occupy market share with a price lower than the cost of 3,800 yuan to grab the market, over time, some of the more fragile capital chain Enterprises will be hit and squeezed out of the market,” said the industry insider.

"The LED cake is very large. We can see that there is money to make. Everyone comes in. It turns out that in Baoan and Longgang, we can see an LED factory in two steps, from dozens of small factories to small workshops." Wang Mingfeng, head of Guangxu Electronics Co., Ltd., said.

"Without technology, we use low prices to press the market, do not pay attention to quality and cost control, and only want to enter the market to make a fortune, and bankruptcy can be said to be inevitable." Wang Mingfeng said, "In fact, the reshuffle started in 2009. Large companies merge small businesses, or some small businesses withdraw from the market.”

"I believe that from the second half of this year to the first half of next year, 50% of companies in the LED industry will be eliminated, leaving some outstanding and technological companies behind," said a senior industry source.

Recognize the situation and play "technology card"

The reporter learned that at present, some LED companies that recognize the current situation are strengthening their "technical strength" and using good products to "grab" the market.

“We have been taking the road of R&D + innovation since we entered the industry.” Wang Mingfeng said that according to reports, the company currently has 47 patented technologies. “Ultra thin, light, quiet, and environmental protection are the advantages of our products.”

Take energy consumption as an example. "We use a power consumption of 4.5 kilowatts for the 15 square meters LED screen, and about 20 kilowatts for the old LED, which is a quarter of the old one," said Wang. In the first two days of the high-tech fair, Jue Juguang Xu Electronics had talked about more than 30 cooperation intentions. The first time he participated in the Hi-tech Fair, he had such achievements, and he was very happy.

Another company, Wenzhuo Technology, has introduced new nano energy-saving lamps and is looking forward to extensive promotion in the home market. Li Wenmiao, the person in charge of the company, said that the company uses nano-reflective technology to allow LED lights to “live longer”, with a light source life of more than 20,000 hours and at the same time saving more than 50%.

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