Tender Notice for the Construction of the East Side Lighting Project of the North District of the Municipal Center

Tender No.: GZGC2009302
Tendering Agent: Cangzhou Zhengda Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Owner: Cangzhou Municipal Center North District Engineering Construction Leading Group Office Registration Deadline: 2009-11-16
Area: Jiangxi Industry: Water Conservancy Bridge Construction, Electrical and Electronic Equipment

1. The North District Project of Zhangzhou Municipal Municipal Center of the Leading Group Office of the North District Engineering Construction of the Municipal Administration of Cangzhou City has been approved by the Bengbu City Development and Reform Investment [2005] No. 294, and the Cangzhou Planning and Construction Bureau [Architecture] 2007-004 Construction. It is now decided to openly invite the North District supporting east lighting project for the project to select the contractor.
2. The outline of the bidding project is as follows:
(1) Urban lighting project of project nature; (2) All the work contents covered by the project list and construction drawings of the supporting project of the eastern area of ​​the North District of Cangzhou Municipal Center; (3) One section of the bidding section; (4) The total investment of the project is about 70 (5) Fund source and nature self-raised, state-owned; (6) Fund implementation has been implemented 100%; (7) Construction period requirements: 30 calendar days, planned start date December 2009, completion date January 2010; (8) Project construction site Jiangxi North District of Changzheng Avenue Municipal Center, Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province; (9) The quality requirements of the project meet the national acceptance criteria and are in harmony with the decorative effect.
3. Professional category and qualification level requirements of bid applicants and builders:
(1) Qualifications: With the qualifications of the city and road lighting engineering professional contractor issued by the Ministry of Construction, the qualifications of Grade 3 or above (including Grade 3) and sufficient assets and capabilities can effectively fulfill the contract and pass the urban planning of Zhangzhou City. The construction enterprise audited by the construction management system of the Construction Bureau may participate in the bidding of this project.
(2) The proposed construction engineer shall be the project manager of the corresponding professional level 2 or above (including the second level), or the enterprise shall employ the corresponding professional level 3 or above (including the third level) project manager, and complete the single contract amount of 500,000 in the past three years. A similar performance of the construction of the night view of the public building project of the yuan (including 500,000 yuan), and served as a construction engineer (project manager) in similar performance projects.
4. Qualification examination methods, conditions, standards and related material names that should be provided:
(1) This project applies the qualification review method to the bidder's qualification review (ie, the qualification review after the tender closing).
(2) The original documents of the qualification documents to be provided at the time of bid opening: 1 business license; 2 city and road lighting or mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering professional contracting enterprise qualification level 3 or above (including level 3) qualification certificate; 3 safety production license; 4 The proposed construction engineer shall register the construction engineer's certificate (or project manager's certificate), the safety assessment certificate and its identity card, and the construction engineer's similar performance certification materials: the winning bid notice, the construction contract, the construction permit, the completion acceptance report, and the completion acceptance record form. At least two of them and provide other valid materials that can fully demonstrate the performance of the proposed constructor (or project manager) and meet the similar performance indicators; 5 legal representative certificate or authorized agent authorization (authorized agent must It is a formal employee of the unit and issues a labor employment contract that has been filed by the competent labor department. The area where the labor contract is not filed shall be provided with a social security certificate, and the identity card of the employee shall be attached; 6 an electrical engineer must be assigned to the project. Technical person in charge, and provide their professional title certificate and ID card; 7 construction staff, quality inspectors, materials staff position certificate and full-time security officer's security The production evaluation certificate shall be issued; 8 the bidding unit outside the city shall issue the certificate of the wages of the unemployed migrant workers issued by the construction administrative department (or its authorized institution) within 20 days before the deadline for submission of the bid; 9 other requirements required in the bidding documents Materials; 10 Bidders who come from outside the village shall hold the original documents for the bidding and filing procedures of the project handled by the Jiangxi Provincial Construction Administrative Department at the time of bid opening. Otherwise, the submitted bid documents will not be accepted.
5. When, where and how to purchase the bidding documents:
For those bidders who meet the requirements of Articles 3 and 4(2) above and intend to bid on this project, please visit the bidding center of Cangzhou City from 14:30-17:00 on November 16, 2009. The bidding documents of the project bidding office (the fourth floor of the Municipal Administrative Service Center Building) will purchase the bidding documents without name. The bidding and bidding electronic file construction and maintenance and bidding software usage fee will be 200 yuan, the bidding documents will cost 400 yuan, the drawing disc will be 100 yuan, and the tender will be sold. Don't retire after going out.
6. For other matters related to the bidding of this project, please contact the tenderee or the tendering agency.
Tenderer: Legal representative of the Office of the Leading Group of the North District Project of Cangzhou Municipal Center: Liu Shiliang Address: Room 1003, Municipal Administration Center, Cangzhou City, Zip Code: 341000
Contact telephone fax contact: Mr. Wan bidding agency: Cangzhou Zhengda Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Legal representative: Kong Liping Address: 55-5 Hongqi Avenue, Quzhou City, Zip Code: 341000
Telephone fax contact: Lang Yue bidding supervision unit: Chenzhou City Construction Project Tendering Office accepts complaints: 0797-8390959
Zhangzhou Municipal Center North District Engineering Construction Leading Group Office

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