Smart grids with thermal cables derive more new industries

As an important content of the construction of smart grids, optical fiber cables must be built with the strong development of smart fiber grids. With the universal development of the "12th Five-Year Plan" smart grid, the state-of-the-art fiber optic cable home project is in full swing, and the main fiber-optic "fiber-optic composite low-voltage cable" will be laid along with low-voltage power lines to enter the millions of households. .

According to the economic news report, China's optical fiber and cable industry will enter the second industry reshuffle period, the domestic optical fiber has occupied a larger proportion in the international market. Shenyin Wanguoguo Securities Research Institute also said that the government and industry giants actively promote the power of optical fiber cable to enter the home, directly benefit the optical fiber cable manufacturers.

Not long ago, Beijing’s Fengxiang District’s Lianxiang Garden District has adopted the fiber-to-the-home approach to complete the smart grid function transformation, which is based on smart electricity service, broadband Internet access, smart home, home security, real estate services and high-definition video on demand. Integrated system of integrated information services. In addition, the State Grid has also built China's first batch of demonstration projects for electric power cable-to-home smart communities in Beijing and Shanghai. Smart grids are accelerating the pace of increasing popularity, and the fiber cable industry boom has only just begun.

According to the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Optical Broadband Networks" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2010, by 2011, the number of optical fiber broadband ports exceeded 80 million, and urban users' access capacity reached an average of 8 megabits per second or more. The average access capacity of rural users reached Above 2 megabits per second, commercial building users basically achieve 100 megabits per second access. In three years, the investment in optical fiber broadband network construction exceeded 150 billion yuan, and new broadband users exceeded 50 million. At the same time, the corresponding technical standards for optical fiber broadband networks are also being formulated and improved.

The prospect of power fiber-optic access to homes is excellent. The related optical fiber composite low-voltage cable (OPLC) manufacturers are full of confidence in the development of the power optical fiber industry. They are actively conducting R&D and testing of OPLC products and look forward to working together with the national power grid in the power fiber-optic households. The first line.

To sum up, in the overall construction of smart grid, power fiber to the home is becoming a trend, the cable industry in the next few years, the market will continue to be hot. However, in the process of smart grid construction and operation, it will also promote the development of new materials, power electronic components, new energy generation, electric vehicle charging equipment, smart substations and other upstream and downstream industries, and will also generate more new industries. It echoes with the construction and development of smarter cities, smart life and other broader fields.

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