Smart Grid Opportunities From Transmission to Power System

U.S. NYPC Card Fund Guo Zhen stated on April 19th at China's Emerging Industry Investment and Financing Forum that the smart grid, simply said that he involved three links, one is the power generation link, which are the power generation of electricity For emerging energy and green energy, including solar energy, including wind power, this belongs to the power generation system, and power generation systems are generally large-scale domestic plants. The second is the power transmission. In simple terms, when the electricity generated by the electricity generation is usually a high-voltage electricity, which exceeds 22 volts, and there is a base station in each province, it will enter the province and he will audit your UHV link. Electromechanical protection, this is the second link, that is, the transmission of this link. The third is known to everyone, that is, from the upward adjustment of the power system, to the provincial bureau to the municipal bureau, we must face it. We are in touch with the smart grid. In fact, many people feel that there is a tiger known to know the mountain. We tend to be on the tiger's line, like monopolistic companies in foreign countries do not buy it. How can our Chinese SMEs survive under such welcome? It is very opportune to talk about this topic today because the whole country’s smart grid is doing a lot. In the reform, there are opportunities in the reforms. This is one of the reasons why we focused on the system in 2009. As we all know, after the financial crisis in 2008, we had 4 trillion yuan of funds. This is a basic investment for the country. The construction facilities and power system are also basic construction facilities, but they have not been voted. Do you know where to invest? It is an EMU.

The power system has not grown in the past five years. Instead, it has been shrinking and shrinking. The power system has been complaining year after year. When everyone noticed that during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the implementation of the smart grid was especially emphasized. The country’s balance on the whole, the speed of the high-speed train will fall, the price will fall, and a news week ago, you may not respond, but we have a lot of influence on this aspect of the study. It can be certain ladders. Sexual use policy, this policy launched less than 2 cents after the concept, he recovered 1 trillion, how many systems support him, this starting point from this year began, this is the overall environment of the smart grid, into the smart Grid.

We think that for the transmission sector, we just mentioned the three subdivisions, one UHV, and the implementation of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” to focus on the country’s implementation of this piece is called three vertical and three horizontal, basically covering our China’s In the two parts of East and West and North and South, because we need West-East power transmission, the electricity in the east is very scarce. In the UHV sector, we have a few investment opportunities for this small-scale enterprise. It is controlled by large-scale, international-level manufacturers, and large-scale state-owned enterprises are strategically oriented. The second part relates to transformers. Our high-growth power transmission companies have changed the configuration of substation boxes. In the past 20 years, they have actually been concerned by the government and are not encouraged. Standard, in this case, there is no very large monopoly company, in the next five years, the industry will be very large integration, under the macro conditions, the power system has been the national bidding system The reform, which exceeds 10 million yuan, requires the province to bid more than 35 million yuan to go to the country to bid. It is a very good development opportunity for high-tech growth companies. The space for power transmission and transformation is very large. The third part is the electric light, which has a certain relevance.

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