Sanmen No. 1 Regulator Electric Heater for Autonomous Production

Sanmen 1 unit regulator electric heater delivery, for the first time to achieve autonomous production.

On July 21st, nuclear power autonomously relied on the three-door No. 1 unit regulator electric heater to complete all inspection and acceptance projects at Chongqing Chuanyi No. 17 Factory, which will be sent to the regulator manufacturer for subsequent assembly work. This marks the realization of the autonomous production goal of AP1000's third-generation nuclear voltage regulator electric heater.

The voltage regulator electric heater is vertically mounted in a heater sleeve located at the lower end of the regulator. The heater sleeve is welded to the lower head and becomes part of the pressure boundary. The electric heater directly cooperates with the primary circuit voltage regulator for auxiliary heating and functions as a “pacemaker”. In the course of operation, it will withstand harsh tests such as high water pressure, extreme temperature difference, high radiation dose and long-term stable operation.

In April 2009, SNEC signed a heater purchase contract with Chongqing Chuanyi Seventeen Factory Co., Ltd., saving tens of millions of yuan over the quotation of foreign companies' equivalent products, and in the delivery cycle, spare parts supply, on-site commissioning services Other aspects have advantages. Since the signing of the contract, the two parties have worked closely together on technical breakthroughs, quality assurance systems and other aspects to overcome numerous difficulties, completed the manufacture of electric heater sample parts and various harsh environmental tests, and finally achieved mass production of products.

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