"Red" is the red refrigerator that must be selected during the Spring Festival

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit approaches, the festive atmosphere of the festival is getting stronger, and all the big stores are setting up a promotion platform. You will sing me to debut. This is a good opportunity for consumers to buy home appliances. As the saying goes, "There is money, no money, go home for the New Year." Is your new year ready? Buying a refrigerator for parents is also a good choice.

Access Control Supply Switch Ac To Dc 12v 220v Uninterrupted Power Supply


1. Directly control electric lock to reduce the load of access controller

2. NC output can control all kinds of electric lock

3. Set up unlock button input to directly open lock

4. Automatically cut down power or burn out fuse when short circuit and other accidents happen 

5. With strong anti-interference ability, excellent stability and reliability

6. Apply to all building intercom and access control systems, particularly for driving all kinds of electric locks

7. Lessen the load of access controller ,Save project wires.

8.  With UPS terminal which can connect with battery.

9.  Has delay control circuit.unlock delay time in 0-10S.

10.  Auto protective function


This Uninterrupted Power Supplies are widely used to Building intercoms and kinds of access controllers, especially for kinds of electric locks and bolts. 

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power supply controldoor access control systemdoor access system

Access Control Power Unit

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