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In 2008, due to the financial crisis and other unfavorable factors, it was the most difficult period for domestic wire and cable industry. In that year, Kaikai Cable Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KaiKai”) rose in a contrarian direction and realized sales revenue of 470 million yuan in the year, an increase of 20% over the same period of last year.

In the first half of this year, due to factors such as rising raw materials and changes in exchange rates, the wire and cable industry is once again facing a difficult development. However, Kaikai has no influence, and it still maintains its momentum of development.

The company’s chairman, Yu Jiyan, told reporters that the development that opened in the past few years has been very stable, with an annual increase of 15% to 20%. The reason why Kaikai is able to maintain sustainable development is that it is inseparable from its unique marketing model in addition to enhancing its competitiveness in technology, products and brands.

Innovative marketing model For a long period of time, there are two main sales methods in the cable industry. Ordinary cables mainly rely on the building materials market, and most of the cables used in the project are sold through the offices.

In Yu Jiyan’s view, there are certain flaws in both sales models. Take the building materials market as an example. Since most of the cable products are mixed and sold by multiple brands, consumers generally only recognize the distributors, and they do not know much about the cables themselves, and thus cannot establish brand loyalty; whereas the sales model of the office requires sales personnel. There is a very superb market expansion capability, and the office is generally set up in a commercial building. It is difficult for general consumers to have an intuitive understanding of cable production companies through the office.

To this end, Yu Ji-yan thought of the sale of most daily necessities - image store marketing.

In Yu Jiyan’s vision, open and spacious customers can talk to salespeople while drinking coffee while they are bright and spacious. To this end, Kaikai has designed a unified store, POP advertising, services, prices, in order to broaden the open brand image. We will develop construction projects centered on brand image shops at all levels of the market, and build a marketing network that serves users, markets and markets.

The continuous construction of open and opened cable stores has also led to a quiet change in the mode of production and sales that have been opened: Every day at 3 p.m., stores across the country have sent orders—settled to the Finance Department—handed over to the Purchasing Department to purchase raw materials. - The next day production. In this way, the production volume and quotation will be completely determined by the current market conditions. There will be no backlog of stocks and will not be affected by the changes in the market and the risks brought about by market fluctuations will be avoided.

The sale of the brand "We are not simply selling the cable, the sale is mainly our brand." - This is the open marketing concept.

After building a brand image store, the next supporting project is to train distributors around the country. In order to help dealers to improve their business level and service awareness, from the selection of sites to image planning, promotion, and even customer choice, are all planned by Kai Kai. For open dealers, the sale of open products has also brought them a lot of benefits.

In Taizhou, Kaikai is also the first company in the industry to open 800 free service phones. Yu Jiyan believes that if there is no such "after-thought awareness", it will be difficult to give customers a firm feeling. Therefore, service quality and product quality are just as important.

With this advancement of brand service, Kaikai insists on providing each customer with the highest quality and best service.

For their own employees, opening and opening the same is "double care." In Yu Jiyan’s view, the company’s development depends on talents, and the sales staff of the brand image store also represent the brand image opened. In order to improve the quality of marketers, Kai opened a total of 13 training courses and trained more than 500 professional marketing staff.

Of course, the brand image still needs the product to support. How to produce differentiated products has become a matter for consideration. Yu Jiyan said that the current open innovation team is focusing on the development of special cables with high technological content. The development of high-temperature flame retardant shipboard cables is one of them. At present, the project has won the Taizhou Science and Technology Progress Award.

Short-term winning in the marketing innovation The wire and cable industry has followed the customary sales model for many years and no one has ever thought of innovation. Benefiting from the business opportunities brought about by the rapid economic growth, the industry has not declined for many years.

The 2008 financial crisis and many unfavorable factors this year left many wire and cable companies at a loss, while opening and closing is a smooth “winter” period, which has to be attributed to innovations in its sales model.

Yu Jiyan emphasized in an interview with reporters that many companies’ understanding of innovation only stays at the level of product innovation, and they ignore the focus on marketing. With the gradual homogenization of product prices and even advertisements, differentiated competition in marketing channels should be the focus of enterprises' efforts.

From this point of view, Kai Kai's innovation in its marketing model is the key to its advantage.

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