Multi-device input, Logitech K780 is enough!

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K780 introduction;

Unpacking & appearance;

Mobile device connection, use demo;

Logitech Options;

to sum up.

K780 Introduction:

The K780 is a multi-device wireless Bluetooth keyboard released by Logitech after the K480 and K380.

You can connect mobile devices, PCs, etc. through superior connections, Bluetooth, and you can quickly switch between three devices

K780 purchase link.

What is superiority?

Unpacking & Appearance

This paragraph is more water, the keyboard we see more

Light blue box

The top of the keyboard has a groove for mobile devices such as mobile phones

The back of the box

Box side

However, I received no battery inside.

Manual, warranty card

The connection guide is illustrated by a simple and clear illustration. Connection Guide 1

Connection Guide 2

K780 appearance video

K780 front

Most of the keys are smaller than a one-corner coin

Although the K780 is known as a full keyboard, there are two places that make me very uncomfortable. One is that the arrow keys are too small, especially when Excel is doing the table. Fortunately, you can use the arrow keys of the keypad area. The second is the keypad area. Combine the text editing keys with the numeric keys. Both of them cannot be applied at the same time. When editing a document, especially when entering numbers, the keypad area function needs to switch back and forth. The middle of the button has a groove, good touch

Officially called Easy-Switch button

The middle of the function keys is raised, which is different from ordinary keys.

The thinnest place, about 0.5cm

K780 on the back

Anti-slip mats, screws are hidden.

Battery Slot & Receiver Storage

Well-made domestic

Comparison with MK235 keyboard

Premium Receiver

Connect, use demo

Borrow official description

The K780 has two wireless connection methods, namely Bluetooth and Elite.

Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, ipads, etc., can be connected to the K780 via Bluetooth.

Note: The mobile device needs Bluetooth Smart Ready.

K780 and MX5 Connection Demo

K780 Control MX5 Demo

After the Android phone is connected to the K780, in addition to typing, daily operations such as returning to the front page of the desktop, back, music, volume adjustment, etc. can be performed.

If the TV box supports Bluetooth, it can also be controlled by the K780. Personal feeling than remote control.
K780 is connected to the TV box and enters Chinese characters

K780 Multi-Device Switch Demo

Logitech Options

Logitech Options is Logitech's official hardware enhancement program that allows for proper hardware configuration. download link

Display connected devices

Below the keyboard has a power display and excellent identification

There is an Add Device button in the lower right corner, click to enter the connection interface

Logitech Options can set up multiple configurations for the K780.

The K780's F1-F12 has two states, either as standard function keys or as multi-function keys.

Illustration of F1-F12 is shown in the attached table.

Take a chestnut:

As a standard function machine, select the file, click F2, rename it, fn+F2, switch to the device with sequence number 2;

As a multi-function button, click F2 to switch to the device with sequence number 2. To rename the selected file, press fn+F2. Because of power saving considerations, the K780 eliminates some of the lights. You can increase input efficiency by disabling certain keys (such as caps lock).

List of connected devices.

to sum up:

The performance is good, but the price is slightly higher. 499 yuan wireless keyboard, in addition to the K780 no one, but the K780 value of the price;


Short key path, moderate key feedback, suitable for office use, with mobile phones, ipad, etc., can be used as a temporary office platform, easier to use than those with a keyboard;

Barely a full keyboard;

Three devices quickly switch, support wireless, Bluetooth two connection methods, support the mainstream operating system, comprehensive and convenient;

When connecting mobile devices such as mobile phones and ipad, the most prominent feature is fast typing, without him;

The keyboard has a bracket slot to facilitate the support of mobile devices;

The weight is relatively large and it is not suitable for carrying.

Officially known as the standby time of 1 year, if this is true, consider an advantage.


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