Miscellaneous articles Debate is non-paper Twelve: # # Sun guarding the first smile of the coward: I help the company selected SONY Sony VPL-EX251 projector

Recently the company met. Leaders at the meeting suddenly said they wanted to change the new projector, and immediately immediately immediately. Then turned to look at me. I stood silently. "You do not worry!! I promise to complete the task."

.................................... Inner Heart Play:

The time is tight, and it must be opened quickly. . .

The first question: "Now projectors are generally used? 】

Now we can usually reach the projector, according to the display technology can be divided into two kinds of LCD and DLP.

The LCD in the display technology is further divided into a liquid crystal panel projector and a liquid crystal light valve projector. According to the number of LCD panels, LCD can be divided into three machines (3LCD) and microcontroller. DLP can be divided into single-chip microcomputer, two-chip machine and three-chip machine. (Schematic diagram borrowed from Duan Niang)

Is it some disorientation? I personally do not like the distinction between parameters and technology. I will simply summarize one.

The projectors using "DLP display technology" are characterized by their small size, high contrast, and low graininess. The "LCD display technology" projector has brighter colors, larger volume, and low contrast.

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Currently common market projectors, how to press the projection light source can be divided into high-pressure mercury lamp, LED and laser.

High pressure mercury lamps are widely used light sources in current projectors. Common UHE bulbs and UHP bulbs are two. High-pressure mercury lamp light source is characterized by high brightness, of course, high power consumption, along with the heat. However, compared with the other two light sources, the technology of high-pressure mercury lamps is more mature. (Photo borrowed from Duan Niang)

LED light source is currently very hot. It is small in size, low in temperature, and bright and bright. In addition, the LED light source has an extremely long service life (official data reaches 100,000 hours). "Rice meters" and "nuts" can be regarded as the hot representative brands of LED projectors. However, the current disadvantages of LED light sources are also very obvious, that is, the brightness is not high, and the effect is greatly reduced in brighter environments.

Although the last laser combines the advantages of the former two, the current price is too high and it is rarely accessible.

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The second question: [I should help companies choose? 】

Commercial and home projectors are different. The main purpose of commercial machines is to demonstrate some WORD documents, PPT or video. In my personal understanding of the projector, to choose a commercial projector is mainly to see the brightness and resolution.

Unlike companies at home, most of the time spent using projections is concentrated during the day. Using a projector in a daytime environment requires a higher level of brightness. The level of resolution determines the clarity and fineness of the image.

First of all, due to the consideration of daytime projections, I placed a luminosity standard at a range of more than 3,000. The second is the interface mode must be more, must support HDMI and U disk. The former is a high-definition output, the latter is to take the U disk to be able to respond when there is no notebook. Because the main purpose is business, widescreen is not considered. It does not mean that the widescreen cannot be output. It is only a matter of personal consideration of the widescreen WORD document display (the text on both sides is smaller. The text is enlarged and the display content is reduced). Finally succumbed to money, the screening goal can only be placed within 3500 yuan.

In terms of lumens, current LED projectors can be eliminated directly. Although the LED's resolution is higher, the functions are more, and the appearance is small and exquisite. Then the laser must be removed because it exceeds the budget too much.

Finally choose the high pressure mercury lamp. In the 3,500 yuan price within the optional brand or many. Epson, BenQ, Acer, Panasonic, SONY...

The third question: [In the end, I chose the company for you? 】

After comprehensive consideration, there are 4 models selected: Panasonic PT-SX2000 projector, Epson CB-X31 projector, BenQ MX3058 projector and SONY VPL-EX251 projector.

As can be seen from the list, Panasonic bulbs have the lowest lifespan, BenQ's lumens are the lowest, and Epson's overall ratings are good. SONY is just like...

But in the end I still chose SONY. why? First of all, Panasonic's lamp life is flawed. One of the most important parts of the projector is the light bulb. It is not cheap to change the price. BenQ's lumens are too low, and it's a DLP display technology. Although the text effect will be better, the color reproduction of the image is less. [Epson] is the one with the highest overall rating, and I was eventually eliminated because of the small number of input interfaces. [SONY] With 3300 lumens, 8001-10000 hours of lamp life, 8 kinds of access methods win (I will not tell you that there are also factors of belief there).

SONY VPL-EX251 Office Projector (3LCD chip 3300 lumens XGA resolution HDMI) 2999 yuan Jingdong direct link

Next is the Dafa Faith demonstration.

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[Attacking SONY VPL EX251] 1. [Projector Unpacking]

For speed, of course, Jingdong is preferred. Logistics is nothing to say, every other day. Superimposed coupons won 2,790 yuan, the lowest price in history was 2,499 yuan. However, just too much can not be forced too much, at least sent a very guest (GEEKPEOPLE) projector portable backpack.

The outer packaging is an ordinary cartons that are no longer ordinary. The side design has a catchable opening and the overall design is eco-friendly without any plastic.

You can see the words “please read the instruction manual for this machine” when you open it halfway from the top. This sentence is very Japanese, very sony features. I remember that when I detached my Sony 100abn headset, I also had similar words to remind me to read the manual.

Keep opening to see the top accessory bag. I do not know whether it is for environmental protection or other considerations. There are no fixed slots for the accessories, but they are placed randomly on top of them.

After removing the accessory bag and the three fixed foams, you can see the main body of the SONY VPL-EX251 projector (hereinafter referred to as the SONY EX251 projector) that is covered with a white bag below.

The power cord and dust cover assembly are hidden under the projector and secured with a transparent tape on the paper tray. With a minimum of foam components to complete the fixed goods, can this be understood as environmental awareness? ? In the eyes of Dafa practitioners, everything is justified, isn't it?

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2. [Accessories]

Let's look at the accessories first. SONY EX251 projector accessories are few: dust cover components, power cord, remote control, VGA video cable (D-sub), manual warranty card and a network security software CD and so on.

I basically don't use the dust cover because the main consideration is "portability" and I didn't think about installing this machine on the ceiling.

The remote control function of SONY EX251 is quite comprehensive, and it is marked in Chinese. The whole can be roughly divided into 3 blocks: input adjustment, menu operation area (gray button), and projection screen adjustment area. The commonly used buttons are distributed in the middle position and it is easy to get started.

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3. [projector body]

Now look back at the projector. After opening the white foam bag, you can see the "SONY Dafa" belief mark. As a believer, when the products are typed in these fonts, they are already worth the price. . . Of course, in addition to the word SONY, there is a small blue label that says XGA is also more garish.

The SONY EX251 projector features a white design. The surface does not have a smooth surface with piano lacquer, and it has a slightly pitted plastic material.

A piece of transparent plastic is attached to the lens for protection. There is no lens cover. It seems that I have to keep this small plastic, or else the ash can be a little troublesome.

There are two LED indicators on the edge of the arc. On the left is the ON/STANDBY indicator, which is mainly used to check the projector's operating status. For example, the driver is green and standby is a red light. The LAMP/COVER indicator on the right is mainly an abnormal status indicator, such as an abnormal increase in the temperature of the lamp. In short, there is no good thing if LAMP/COVER is bright.

There is nothing to say about focusing and zoom rings. The toggle sensitivity is moderate and damping is not strong.

The control panel on the projector is of course indispensable. There are a total of 5 keys on the control panel, which is much less than the buttons on the remote control, but retains the basic functions. Buttons are not marked in Chinese. The "ENTER" key is a control rocker that can be pressed in addition to four directions.

The left side of the SONY EX251 projector is a ventilation hole. Through the grid you can see there are two about 8CM cooling fan. Turn up and say hello.

The right side of the projector is a warning label in 9 languages. There are no simultaneous Simplified and Traditional characters.

As a commercial projector, the input of SONY EX251 is quite comprehensive. In addition to the two RGB input interfaces, HDMI input is also supported, and S VIDEO and VIDEO, which are not commonly used, are also available. In addition to SONY EX251 also supports network and U disk projection. If you plug in the wireless connector on the U disk interface, you can also wirelessly project images. However, the network and U-disk functions only support the common JPEG image format. Video playback is not acceptable, and it is not as good as domestic brands at this point.

The SONY EX251 replacement lamp is located in the lower left corner of the bottom, as a “maintenance sticker” is affixed next to it. It will not be opened here. It's not that I don't want to open. She has a sticker.

Remember the previously mentioned "dust cover assembly"? If you want to install, simply remove the projector's "air filter cover" and then combine it with the "dust cover assembly" before snapping it back. Specific assembly does not show.

The foot adjustment method of SONY EX251 is very special: [1.] Press and hold the side adjustment button to loosen the legs. [2.] Raise the projector to adjust the tilt angle. [3.] After adjusting the angle, loosen the adjustment knob and lock the legs. [4.] Manually turn the leg and set the angle accurately.

SONY EX251's foot adjustment accuracy is very high. In the past, with paragraphs of this kind, old ones would have to pad a few books, and for a long time they would not necessarily be able to call up a horizontal picture.

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4.[Use Comment]

The hardware parameters of SONY VPL-EX251 projector are as follows:

From the above figure we can see that the SONY VPL-EX251 projector has 3300 lumens. With such a high degree of brightness, in theory, the indoor environment can also see the projection content during the day. Coupled with 3LCD projection technology, do not worry about the color reproduction of the picture. But XGA resolution is her short board.

Not willing to run a "map"? Then enter the simple use of links. Plug in the power cord, connect the signal source, etc., without wasting space.

Press the power button on the projector's control panel to turn it on. After the boot, of course, is SONY Dafa. Dafa........................ you know.

The projector freezes on a blue background when turned on completely. After booting, the default is "Input A (RGB port A)".

Press the "INPUT button" on the projector's control panel to select the input source. By selecting the menu, we further confirm that there are 8 input methods.

After pressing “MENU” button on the control panel, a detailed operation menu list will pop up. Through the menus, the projector can be further programmed to include functions such as "Image Settings", "Function Settings", "Operation Settings", "Connection/Power Settings" and so on. But generally use the default setting.

This simple evaluation uses the old MAC Book with its own HDMI interface. After inserting the line, select “Input C (HDMI input)” through the menu, and then set the display again. Specific system operation settings please take care of your own mother, here is not a waste of space. The next test uses the projector's standard mode.

â–² Projector evaluation environment A: At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the target is a white wall and the ceiling light of the room is on.

Through the most direct comparison of the original image, it can be seen that in the daytime indoor environment, the picture is very pale and white, and the image seems to be covered by a fog. But the text of the picture can be seen clearly.

â–² Projector Evaluation Environment B: Pull up all the curtains and turn off the room lighting. The source is online video.

Because the projector is XGA (4:3) resolution, the lower part is filled with black when playing a widescreen picture. When the overall picture is dark, there is no whitening in the black space below.

When the film source goes to a brighter picture, the black part underneath is more noticeably grayish. Purple will be more blue, and gray will be greenish. The white wall projection effect is not very good, and XGA resolution is really not suitable for watching movies.

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Although the investment on the white wall can also make do with it, but it has virtually bound her portability. For business projectors, I consider the use of the daytime, followed by portability.

At this time, there is no need to set aside an installation location. The ready-to-use mobile screen will be used.

Because the height of the room space is about 2 meters or so to the top, for my own needs, I put the size on the 100-inch projection cloth. Then because it is used with the SONY EX251, the specifications are set at a 4:3 ratio. Finally, the material of the curtain is considered. After comprehensive consideration, it is still placed on the material curtain of “white plastic”.

Fast flower hut (KUAIDUOXIAOWU) 100 inches bracket screen white plastic 4:3 bracket curtain mobile portable screen 258 yuan Jingdong direct link

There were not many curtains that met the requirements. Finally, a comprehensive selection was made for a house named Cao Duo.

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【Mobile curtain opening and installation】

Jingdong express delivery directly to the master. This 100-inch mobile stand is not heavy, but it's a bit long, but fortunately it can go into the elevator. The overall package of the stand is also good and there is no damage. The length of the tray is also exactly equal to the length of the bracket. There is a sponge inside the box to fix the bracket.

The entire stand is a detachable structure. The installation is very simple. Simply lift the stand first, then push the tripod below the pole until the tripod is fully open. This completes half of the installation.

The pipe used for the bracket is not thick. After the rivet passes through the component, the gap left by the component is also large and the stability is general. Do not know how the durability of the future.

The curtain is pre-installed on the bracket. If you need to remove the curtain, just rotate the blue lock to the end to pull out the curtain. As for the quality of the lock, it is a little bit normal.

The curtain cover is fairly thick, but it has a convex deformation in the middle. Although it does not affect use, it is always uncomfortable.

Finish the subsequent installation: After the stand is set up. [1.] First rotate the curtain cover to a horizontal angle, and then lift the hook in the center of the curtain cover until it is fixed on the top of the bracket. [2.] Adjust the height of the upper half of the curtain through the rotation lock on the support pole. [3.] Adjust the lower and upper positions by adjusting the blue switch on the bracket connecting rod.

Here I will talk about the rotation lock on the support pole. The goods are plastic, plastic, plastic. . . How long can you really use it? Or don't always adjust it as well.

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[screen and projector combination measurement]

After the bracket curtain was installed, the whole thing still happened. There is no odor on the curtain, either slightly curled on both sides.

Compared with the effect of the white wall before, the text is clear, not so white, and the blue background is also getting darker.

â–² Projector evaluation environment C: At 16 o'clock in the afternoon, the room dome light is turned on.

Although the screen is still a little light after using the curtain, it can't restore 100% image color, but the screen can completely see the black smear is not heavy, there is a transitional level.

Because of the XGA resolution, the pixel point will be larger when viewed at close range. Far-sight effect is still very good.

â–² Projector evaluation environment D: 12 o'clock noon, in the top light off state environment.

The color is obviously better than using a white wall. The pale color is basically relieved, but there are still some problems with the color reproduction. Blue? Magenta? purple?

Finally, in terms of text testing, there is no problem with the text and the sharpness is good. Do not believe that you seriously look.

Next level tests, various color tests, heating temperatures, noise levels......... are gone. The article is too long to estimate no one to see, can be lazy to lazy it.

Let's talk about "U disk function". First U disk does not support the NTFS format, followed by the size of the picture resolution, PNG and TIFF format support is not good, and JPEG and BITmap can be identified. And did not find the choice of pop-up U disk, it should be directly inserted.

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【to sum up】

[fast flower hut 100-inch mobile screen frame] advantages: 1. Easy to install, easy to use. 2. The curtain has no odor.

Disadvantages: 1. Pipe is a bit thin. 2. Plastic rotary lock, life expectancy.

[SONY VPL-EX251 projector] advantages: 1. Many input interfaces. 2. Higher lumens. 3. The remote control has many functions and the operation interface is simple. 4. The brand premium is not serious.

Disadvantages: 1. U disk does not support WORD documents and video files. 2. The lens has no protective cover. 3. No net module needs to be purchased separately.

There is a distinction between home and business projectors. Because of environmental factors, commercial lighting demands high requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that commercial users should select at least a projector with a lumen value of 3,000 or more. For home use, consider the current hot LED projector because it has more features and higher resolution.

The projector chooses the big brand as much as possible, and the quality and after-sales guarantee. There are more than 4,500 lumen projectors on Taobao, and the price is only over 4,000. But to reach such a high level of formal brand to 6000 prices. The principle of a penny and a delivery of goods, I believe we all understand.

Finally, thank you for listening to me. The selection of the projector in this article is only a personal opinion. After all, technology is updated every day. I do not define it. There may be a personal misunderstanding, please lightly spray.

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