Locked 65 inches, this is the biggest profit dairy cow of this year's color TV manufacturers!

Just entered a batch of 65-inch LCD TVs, did not expect a few days after the start of the year, they sold three.
Recently, an operator of an integrated household appliance store in a second-tier city in the north shared and pointed out in the communication process with home appliance circles that the biggest air outlet in the color TV market this year is 65 inches, not 55 inches or 70 inches. All color TV manufacturers should firmly grasp this size segment.
First, the price is moderate. That is to buy an Apple phone, or two Huawei mobile phone money, and now the spending power of the average family, can support the purchase of such a large-screen LCD TV. After inquiring about the home appliance circle, the average price of the 65-inch LCD TV was 6,000 yuan, and the average price of the domestic first-line brand was more than 5,000 yuan. The average price of some Internet and second-tier and third-tier brands was around 4,000 yuan. It can be said that this is in line with the direction of the current round of household consumption upgrading.
The second is the direction of consumption upgrades. Currently, whether it is the city or the rural market, after undergoing an upgrade from the liquid crystal to the CRT, it is currently ushering in the second round of consumer upgrades, that is, the large-screen liquid crystals' consumption upgrade for small and medium-sized LCDs. Behind this is the increase in economic income and the improvement of housing conditions in the urban and rural markets. For televisions, consumers have completed the shift from ownership to better demand. By the end of 2016, 32 inches accounted for 17.68%, 55 inches accounted for 25.29%, and 65 inches accounted for 4.52%. In the 55-inch or larger screen, 65-inch accounts for the largest proportion.
Third, the experience is more cool and cool. If the rapid upgrade of spending power is the foundation and support for the detonation of the large 65-inch TV market, then the visual experience brought by the 65-inch large-screen TV will enable many families to meet the family's TV viewing experience, and it will enable many Urban and rural families meet the needs of vanity. Many consumers have been deeply attracted by the shock experience experienced by the 65-inch screen in stores and physical stores.
Fourth, the need for business transformation. The past few years have been the winter of the entire color TV industry. Aside from the low price splurge of Internet companies, and even the free availability of hardware, the average price of domestically produced LCD TVs has continued to fall as a result of the commercial competition among enterprises and the market stimulus under the saturation of demand. The average unit price of foreign brands in 2016 was 5169 yuan; the average unit price of domestic brands was 3077 yuan. Among them, the average unit price of domestic brands in Hisense is up to 3677 yuan. It can be said that compared with foreign brands, local brands have resorted to this round of consumption upgrades to promote the average unit price increase, which is imminent.
It can be said that currently around the 65-inch LCD large-screen TV products, has formed a "weather, geography, and people" of the east. Both color TV companies and merchants should devote resources and energy to the promotion and detonation of 65-inch large-screen LCDs.
On the one hand, display technologies such as HDR, curved surfaces, quantum dots, and backlight partitions should be used to highlight the display effect of large-screen images. On the other hand, it is necessary to further revolve around large-screen displays and design scenes from video and entertainment to games. Experience!

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