Living room lighting combination makes home lighting expressions richer

In 2009, the most popular word for home lighting companies was "systematic lighting solutions." It takes the customer's lifestyle as the core, with the style, material, design elements and functional requirements as the elements. A design main line runs through the whole space, various functional areas and product parts, and implements one-time solution to the customer's systematic and personalized needs for lighting. . But this is a business matter. For consumers, it is not difficult to choose the best lighting solutions and products according to their own preferences and home styles.

Living room lighting combination makes home lighting expressions richer

Living room: warm light reflects harmony and affection. “When ordinary life brings us exhaustion, what is more important than warmth?” The author saw in a book that the five moments that can most impress a man are in the first place. A light that lights up at home when the night comes home at dusk, most of which is emitted by the living room.
The living room is the largest leisure and activity space in the home, requiring brightness, comfort and warmth. The general living room will use the interaction of the main lighting and the auxiliary lighting to create a space atmosphere. The main lighting is usually a chandelier or a ceiling lamp. When using it, pay attention to the uniformity of the upper and lower spaces, otherwise the living room will appear dark and uncomfortable. In addition, you can also add hidden light sources around the living room, such as the hidden light trough of the ceiling, making the living room space look taller. Remember, seeing the light without seeing the light is also a realm of home lighting.
The light in the living room is mostly yellow light, and the color temperature of the light source is preferably 2800~3000K. Experienced designs will consider white and yellow light to match each other, and create a special style by changing the level of light and shadow.
The auxiliary lighting in the living room is the floor lamp and the desk lamp, which are the ideal equipment for local lighting and space styling. The table lamp on the coffee table next to the sofa is best soft, and it is best to use the floor lamp as a reading light if possible. Do not believe the temptation of the lighting city promoters, although the floor lamp is convenient to move, but the power supply is not everywhere, the wire is not good to see everywhere, so the position of the floor lamp is actually relatively fixed in a small area.
I saw in the lighting city that many lampshades and floor lamp shades can be replaced now, so it can be changed according to the season or the use of the living room, which should add a lot of fun.

Corridor: The first impression of the new wall lamp to add home fun into the house should be the foyer, the entrance, and then the corridor, and these places are the time when the wall lamp shines.
The porch can choose spotlights, because most people will set up paintings and sculptures at the entrance to decorate them. The spotlights can attract the attention of the guests and create a hospitable atmosphere. The basic principle of corridor lighting design is that the light is bright, and it is best to choose energy-saving wall lamps with sufficient power and no glare. Stairs should try to avoid using spotlights because they create shadows.
The author saw a lot of different wall lights in the lighting city, the light source is different, the shape is unique and interesting. Choose from the aesthetic taste of the individual, or choose the European classical wrought iron lamp, or choose the modern aluminum space wall lamp, or choose the nest-like natural rattan lamp.
In smaller spaces, it is best not to use wall lights. The height of the installation should be slightly higher than the eye level. In addition, the relationship between the wall lamp and the wall surface should be considered. The color of the current coating is rich, and the wall lamp can be made isolated on the wall surface by changing the color of the wall.

Study: Health Art Improves Work Efficiency The study is the deepest reflection of a family's cultural and artistic heritage. Therefore, study lighting needs to reflect more ingenuity, practicality, health, and art are the three basic requirements of study lighting.
The study room generally uses ceiling lamps for basic lighting, and the ceiling lamps are placed in the center of the study. The light source is recommended to use a series of three primary color lamps that have strong color rendering and are not prone to fatigue for a long time, requiring bright and uniform light without shadows. In the key lighting part of the study, it is recommended to use eye-protection type lamp to fully protect the health of the eyes in hardware.
The illumination of the study should enable the light to protect the vision. It is also necessary to make the illumination ratio of the main illumination surface of the lamp to the non-main illumination surface about 10:1, which is suitable for human visual requirements. In addition, to achieve illumination of more than 150LX, to meet the requirements of writing lighting. In terms of color, the color of the study light is mostly cold, which helps people's peace of mind. Because it is used for a long time, it is preferable to use a neutral color such as bright achromatic or grayish brown. The incandescent bulbs are soft and the fluorescent lights are a bit dazzling, but they are also a good choice.
If there are paintings or artworks, you have to use the spotlights to add a three-dimensional effect. Generally, the spotlights are placed on the ceiling to make the outline of the sculptures clearer and produce a strong three-dimensional effect. It is important to pay attention to the more expensive antiques. Care should be taken to select the lamps. Some lamps with less heat dissipation, that is, cold lights, should be selected to avoid damage to the antiques.

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