LED lighting marketing needs to step into the custom era

LED lighting marketing needs to step into the custom era

Most companies in China's lighting and lighting industry are still in the era of marketing 1.0 based on products, prices, channels, and promotions; a few have entered the marketing 2.0 era based on target markets, product differentiation, brand positioning, and widespread dissemination; but With the advent of the LED era, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and the experience economy era, lighting lighting marketing needs to step into the marketing 3.0 era based on "customized products, humanized design, interactive communication and personalized satisfaction."

The development of the network has made micro-marketing popular in the lighting industry. Online channels are cheap and easy to spread, but user experience after-sales service has become a short board, which requires the integration of online and offline operating advantages for the company to construct a bright future, online sales offline consumption, the traditional channels as e-commerce Logistics distribution and user experience centers, and e-commerce as traditional channels of transaction and promotion windows, complement each other.

The era of marketing 1.0 based on products, prices, channels and promotions, and the era of marketing 2.0 based on target markets, product differentiation, brand positioning and widespread dissemination are about to become history. In the era of consumer sovereignty, more consumers pay attention to personalized consumption, enterprises must have the "customer first" thinking, all products should be "to make consumers' lives better" as the fundamental starting point. You really have to please users, Taobao sellers "open is the pro" is a true portrayal. Under the condition that product functions can be satisfied, consumers' needs are decentralized and individualized. Therefore, in addition to pursuing product functions, consumers also pay more attention to product services, providing consumers with humanized designs and satisfying consumption. Personality needs. The development of future channels will focus on the combination of products and services, which will prompt the company and agents to shift their focus from product sales to product services.

Lighting companies need to meet the individual needs of consumers as the starting point, provide customers with customized services, follow the principle of “customer-centered” and “human nature as the fundamental” to create an experiential marketing model: connect with interactive In this way, consumers can experience lighting products, confirm their value, and bring products closer to their products. When consumers fully realize their imagination and creativity, they actively participate in the design, creation, and reprocessing of products, making customers unforgettable experiences. The true owner, thus gaining spiritual and psychological changes, becomes a corporate loyal customer.

With the advent of the LED era, the LED technology revolution will completely change the competitive landscape of the industry in the near future. If an enterprise wants to reverse its destiny route, it must learn to adapt and change in marketing. It is necessary to continuously develop new tricks to have development prospects, stick to conventions or die-hard imitation of other people's ideas. After all, they only play behind people’s buttocks. Tricks.

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