LBS car navigation application

Into the GPS navigation products and derived a new term: LBS navigation. Navigation equipment using this technology can provide higher quality navigation services and various additional services, and products supporting LBS technology will become the new darling of the future market.

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LBS positioning service is provided by telecom operators and GPS systems

First we must know what LBS navigation is. LBS technology is called Location-Based Services, which is a location service. It is a value-added service provided by a combination of mobile communication network and satellite positioning system. It obtains the location information of mobile terminals (such as latitude and longitude coordinates) through a set of positioning technologies. Data), provided to mobile users themselves or others and communication systems to enable a variety of location-related services. To put it simply, if you go somewhere, you can get all kinds of information around here, whether it is a restaurant or a convenience store, all the information is in your hands.

According to the global mobile value-added services tracking and market research results, the global LBS market will show an average growth rate of 80%, and the overall market size will reach nearly 21 billion US dollars in 2009. As the fastest growing economy in the world, TCS, the famous LBS provider in the United States, has given such a market forecast: by 2013, the size of the LBS market in Asia will reach US$3.6 billion, a 60-fold increase over 2007, of which China will be The country with the largest market and the fastest growth rate in the region shows that the potential of China's LBS market is huge!

From this data, we can also see that LBS is a very promising application. LBS will become one of the most growth new businesses under the attention and promotion of global mobile operators. Now, LBS has been widely used in logistics management, traffic dispatch, medical rescue, field exploration and other professional fields. So what benefits does LBS bring to us in the personal field?

In the field of personal consumption, China's domestic communications giant China Mobile and domestic appliance giant Changhong Group jointly launched a car navigation application for LBS - China Mobile car e-line terminal Changhong WND430.

Changhong car e line terminal

Changhong Auto e-WND430 is an operation platform provided by China Mobile. Changhong Group provides its own dedicated terminal for design, R&D and production. It is the first network communication navigation product in China to obtain the network access license. It is powerful, can connect to the Chinese mobile car e-line background with one button, manually find the destination for you, and automatically navigate; the national map is updated in real time by China Mobile background, saving you map upgrade costs; having a strong mobile network, you can Enjoy the network at any time; you can also get real-time traffic information, road book function, music online walkman, cinema line information, travel information, news, weather information, road traffic illegal information inquiry, stock consultation and many other instant services, so that users can fully enjoy Pleasant all-round travel navigation service.

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