Inverter spans from energy saving to energy production

According to relevant statistics, in the past 2010, China had shipped 365,000 units of elevators (including 45,000 escalators), an increase of 40% over the same period of 2009, of which 330,000 units were shipped to the domestic market, an increase of 48% year-on-year. In the Chinese market, there are 458 companies that hold elevator manufacturing licenses. China has become the world's largest elevator producer and the world's largest new elevator installation market. Due to the homogeneity of product quality and technology, coupled with the rapid development of the elevator market in China's second- and third-tier cities and middle developed regions, in recent years, a number of outstanding small and medium-sized elevator companies have mushroomed, making the market of major elevator companies The market share has continued to decline, and the market share of SMEs has gradually increased to around 35%.

With the continuous increase in the use of elevators, according to statistics on the electricity consumption of commercial buildings such as hotels and office buildings, elevator electricity consumption accounts for 17% to 25% of the total electricity consumption, second only to electricity consumption of air conditioners. The frequent braking of the elevator consumes a large amount of electric energy and the elevator energy saving has a large market space. At present, green energy-efficient elevators are not only a concept, but an important link directly linked to the economic benefits of construction operations. Although the elevator system only accounts for 4% of the construction company's investment, in the long run, it ignores this 4% investment. It will also bring no small economic losses.

The energy saving of elevators has undergone two changes. For the first time, inverter speed control is used instead of asynchronous motor voltage regulation and speed control to improve the operating efficiency of the motor. This is energy saving. Although the energy consumption of the elevator is greatly reduced after the inverter is used for speed regulation, a large amount of electric energy is still consumed in the braking resistor when the elevator brakes. Therefore, the second energy-saving change is to feed back the energy generated during elevator braking to the power grid for use in other nearby electrical equipment. This has actually become energy production.


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