Introduction of CMOS VLSI chip TH3670C

1 Overview

The HT3670C itself has an extensive range of 18 instruments and is infused with 36 rhythms to provide a special amount of audible compliance, as well as volume keying for easy adjustment of the beat. In addition to replay and demo key functions, this high-quality CMOS VLSI also provides external key pad adjustment and control of internal audio processing circuitry. The HT3670 embeds a full-featured 8-bit microcontroller, providing control over versatile and versatile audio output. The audio output is provided by a 4-channel electronic Tone Synthesizer (ETS) and a 2-channel audio processing circuit.

Structure diagram

2 internal structure and packaging

HT3670C internal circuit mainly includes microcontroller, control register, splitter, 4-channel electronic tone synthesizer, 2-channel audio generator, multiplier and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) audio output/processing (OIP) circuit, etc. The block diagram is shown in Figure 1.

The HT3670 is available in a 40-pin DIP package with pinouts as shown in Figure 2. Table 1 shows the pin function description.

Pin arrangement

Table 1 pin and solder joint function description

Pin and solder joint function description

3 Features and functions

3.1 Main features

Electronic drum circuit TH3670C and application

The main features of the HT3670C are as follows:

● Low operating voltage (VDD): 3.3V ~ 5.2V;

●High system frequency (fosc): 3.58MHz;

● Adopt RC type oscillator;

● Low standby current (ISTB): 2μA (typical);

● has three 8-bit D/A audio output;

● Embedded "Holtek" 8-bit microcontroller;

● With four channel melody processing and two channel audio processing capabilities;

● Adopt eight-level master volume control;

● Use power on/off to indicate the score;

● Automatically cut off the alarm sound in 2 minutes;

● has 36 rhythms and 18 tapping effects;

● With two 7-segment LED drive capability;

● The beat is adjustable.

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