How to choose lighting for home decoration lighting

In the past, in the home decoration, I did not pay much attention to the decorative effect of the lights. They were all one house, one lamp or one room, one light, monotonous and boring, and only played the role of general lighting. Now people's living standards have generally improved. In the home decoration, the lighting design is more concerned. In addition to general lighting, it is mainly used to decorate the lamps, and to have a light and beautiful room space to optimize the warm family life. For this reason, home lighting should be based on the overall space to make artistic ideas to determine the layout of the lamps, the type of light source, the style of the lamps and the way of light distribution. Through careful design, the home lighting can make the living room clear, the bedroom is quiet, and the study goal The emphasis on the decoration, etc., causes the effect of the engraving space.

With the improvement of people's living standards, environmental protection, energy conservation awareness and environmental protection. Energy-saving lamps are more and more popular among people. This is also a kind of cultural cultivation that reflects the owner's culture. It also invisibly educates the children and helps them to their physical and mental health. It conforms to the general trend of environmental protection and energy conservation.

First, the principle of home lighting decoration

Each family's cultural level, hobbies, occupations, social objects, and economic strength are different, so their choice of room decoration and lighting also has different styles depending on the actual situation. However, the purpose of decoration is basically the same, that is, it is economical, practical, elegant, easy to operate, safe and reliable. For this reason, when choosing to purchase lamps and implement lighting, the following aspects must be handled.

1. The relationship between general lighting and local lighting. People are accustomed to a "main body lamp" for general lighting in a room, mostly with a chandelier or ceiling lamp installed in the center of the room. In addition, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. are set as "auxiliary lights" for local or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "main body lamp" and "auxiliary lamp" are relatively speaking, and under certain conditions, the function will also be replaced. For example, if the height of the room is less than 2.5M and the area is not large, it is not advisable to set up a multi-layered lamp. It is especially not suitable to have a large chandelier. You can use the beautiful wall lamp with one or two beautiful lights to play the role of general lighting and decoration. Study at night, work with table lamps, translucent plastic for the lampshade, and diffuse light for the upper part to meet the needs of lighting.

2. Determine the principle of the style of the lighting. Because of the level of culture, hobbies, age, and occupation, people have different styles when determining the lighting. Therefore, it is necessary to set the lighting to proceed from the actual situation, and according to personal preference, to obtain the specific style and effect of the lighting.

Lamps for different occupations: People who are engaged in mental work generally love quiet, like reading books, designing drawings, researching information, etc. They need diversification of lighting fixtures, desk lamps are easy to work, floor lamps are helpful for reading, bedside lamps are used to read newspapers and periodicals. information.

Cloth requirements for different ages: Due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting needs:

The elderly - the old people's living habits are simple, love quiet, the color and style of the lamps used, to set off the elegant and generous style of the elderly. The main body lamp can be combined with a palace lantern chandelier or a ceiling lamp. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low-illumination long lamp can be placed at the bedside.

Middle-aged people - middle-aged people are the leader of the family, but also the pillars of the career, the style of the decoration, the color is concise and clear. The cloth lamp should not only reflect the individuality, but also reflect the style of the subject, such as the use of a spiral arm lamp or a floor lamp to facilitate learning.

Young people - young people should highlight new, strange and special lighting. The main body light should show its personality, the shape is creative and the color is bright. The wall lamp requires love as the theme in the shape, and the light source requires warmth and romance (especially girls).

Children - children's lighting is best to be unpredictable, highlighting a strange, increasing the imagination of children, and is conducive to intellectual development. Lighting style, color, not only to reflect the child's interest, but also to help children grow up healthily. The main body lamp is designed to be simple and clear. The simple chandelier or ceiling lamp can be used. The light on the desktop for work should be bright. The animal-shaped table lamp can be used, but the illumination should be ensured. Because the child is curious and active, the lighting is absolutely safe and reliable. .

3. The practicality and decoration of the lighting.

Like the public buildings, the indoor lighting is practical and decorative. How to deal with the relationship between the two, it will do more with less.

The practicality of the luminaire - can ensure the use of indoor lighting, ensure the use of light sanitation, protect the eyes, protect vision, light color without abnormal psychology or physiological response lamps are firm, flexible circuit switch. In a sense, the decorative nature of the luminaire is also practical, otherwise, the decorative problem will not be discussed.

The decoration of the lamps - the first is ornamental, the materials of the lamps are beautiful, the shape is unique, the colors are more novel and beautiful, the second is the coordination, the form of the lamps is carefully designed, coordinated with the room decoration, matching with the furnishings, the lighting materials Consistent with the furniture type material, it can reflect the owner's artistic conception. The third is to highlight the individuality. The color of the light source creates an atmosphere according to people's needs, such as warm, calm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful and so on. Specific to each piece of lighting, there is a preference for lighting, with emphasis on decoration, and both. When selecting, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of different personnel, different uses and interior decoration requirements.

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