How does LED lighting borrow the mobile Internet?

Just like people in a very distant age, their thoughts are still very conservative, and they are bound to enjoy the comfort of their own pure land. It is always believed that the Tianyuan place has been living in a dull and fulfilling life, and it seems that Liu Wei, who dreams of a red building, walks into the Grand View Garden and dazzles. For 75 years ago, the traditional concept of people was still relatively strong. For those people of that era, the education they received should be different. For those times, the materials were relatively scarce, and the technology was relatively backward. There is no such thing as big data, cloud computing, the Internet and the mobile Internet.

It's not that we go too fast but we run too slowly. It's not that the times are abandoning us, but that the time is urging you to urge me to be sloppy. People always have a crush on something inherent, such as a familiar environment, familiar faces, and familiar things. All of this comes from our hearts, and it stems from the inertia we are used to step by step.

People are like this, and so are companies. In a rapidly changing environment, everyone and every company can't stay out of it. Are you ready for new things, new business models, and subversive personality of the new generation? There are no successful companies, only companies of the times. The times have been developing, and everything is constantly evolving and changing. Western Han Dynasty. Sima Qian is in "Historical Records." Gao Zuben Ji: I said, "In the midst of the squad, the decision is worse than a thousand miles away. I am not as good as the quilt." The analogy is well prepared in the early stage, and the later work can be carried out smoothly. It is also like a very intelligent person who does not need to go into battle. A good strategic deployment in the early stage is needed to make things successful.

For LED lighting companies, mobile Internet is a new marketing channel, LED companies should take advantage of it?

Mobile starts with interaction

From office automation to office mobility, from procurement staging to procurement networking, from learning to work-learning, from being unique to developing alliances. All of this reflects the progress of the times. The only constant is change. The change also indicates that it will remain unchanged (temporary pain changes, in order to survive and live for a long time). In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have become an inseparable tool. A smart phone with Internet access can show the world without going out.

MSN, qq, Weibo and WeChat social media have attracted people's attention, impacting traditional media and enterprises. Good steel is used in the cutting edge. How do we take advantage of the momentum and create momentum is undoubtedly a problem in front of everyone in every enterprise. The ancients thought that there are difficulties and easy differences between the world's things. If you do, then the difficult things are easy; if you don't, then the easy things are difficult. People have difficulty and easy to learn. If you study, then it is easy to be difficult. If you don't study, it is easy and difficult. Therefore, the author believes that it is necessary to move first to interact. As a company, it is also necessary to know that you can bring benefits and values ​​to the people and groups you serve. Only interaction can be mobile, and the saying goes to the world.

Great wisdom stems from the accumulation of time

A wise man must be wise, and a wise man may not be wise. For example, people who are opportunistic are more serious, and they are good at making things right and left. And wise people know how to choose, know what they should do and what they should not do. The smart people see it now, and the wise people see the future and the long-term. Everyone wants to have a happy and healthy career, and the company wants to be a good-natured company. Everyone is learning and comparing, and they are all trying their best to "change". In fact, everything goes away from its ancestors, and everything is nothing more than daily accumulation. Knowledge lies in accumulation, and learning needs to accumulate over time. The Chinese traditional culture tells us that we are willing to give up, we have to pay for it. Be a predecessor and figure out that you should not put the cart before the horse.

Everything in the mobile Internet era is transparent, open, interactive, and shared. Some people who can't get on the table at the beginning of the same starting line competition may be popular for a while, but after a long time, they will eat their own fruits. Success is also a truth. Countless times of sweating and tears have long been the fruit of success. Enterprises must make profits first, and only your customers can profit from the development of the company. You can help customers for a long time and customers know that you are kind. . Everyone likes to interact with people of kindness, so the virtues are truly true.

Reasonable cross-border step by step

The mobile Internet has created countless miracles, such as the sages of the gods in the Romance of the Gods. People say that heaven is good, gods are happy, how much tears are behind the success?

Everyone envied these powerful people, and the magical powers are omnipotent. But who knows how much bitterness has been eaten during the process of becoming a sanctification, how much tears have been paid and how much sadness has been paid.

The times need capable people and wise men who can call for the wind and rain. These people have a rare cross-border in addition to the persevering and tenacious fighting spirit. I know how to lay chicken and know how to lay eggs. Relay force in the different industries and different environments to find hot spots to stimulate the boiling point, knowing that it is reasonable, reasonable and legal to achieve resource integration. Clearly understand the purpose and background of the infinite imagination of limited space, such as the cooperation between buying clothes and buying tea, and the combination of making cars and making foods. This is not a nondescript and activates and inspires customer resources that I could not even think before. , opened up and developed a new territory. The mobile Internet era is only what you can't think of, and it can't be done. Only if you dare to dare to do it will be a reasonable cross-border and careful layout. For a long time, you are the originator of the mountain.

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