Hacker wins $60,000 for second attack on Chrome browser

According to foreign media reports, a hacker named Pinkie Pie, who was under 20 years of age, recently received a Google award of US$60,000 for discovering a browser browser security flaw.

On the third day of the Box Conference on Wednesday, the hacking "Pinkie Pie" became the first person in the conference to discover a security flaw in Chrome. After Google verified and confirmed the discovery of the vulnerability, "Pinkie Pie" received another $60,000 in prize money.

This is not the first time the hacker "Pinkie Pie" has been rewarded. As early as March of the Pwnium hacking contest, "Pinkie Pie" successfully used six strings of loopholes to break through the sandbox protection of the Chrome browser. To this end, he also received the highest award of 60,000 U.S. dollars.

Google has set up a $2 million bonus to encourage hackers to discover Chrome security holes. Hackers who can completely exploit Chrome vulnerabilities will receive rewards of up to 60,000 US dollars. Hackers who only partially exploit Chrome vulnerabilities will receive 50,000 US dollars in rewards, while Chrome, Windows and other vulnerabilities can only control Chrome. Get $40,000 reward. Google said that this move is to make the entire Internet world more secure.

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