Guangzhou Asian Games Haixinsha Nightscape Engineering Design Case

The Guangzhou Asian Games is both a sports event and an LED lighting event. In the Asian Games landscape lighting, a large number of LED lighting products have been applied to show the beautiful night scene effect. Among them, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, which was undertaken by Liangye Lighting, was the night view of Haixinsha, which enabled the people of the whole country and all of Asia to truly understand the true charm of the “Millennium Sheep City, the Pearl of the Water”. Guangzhou was born in the Yangtze River and was revitalized by the water. The opening venue was locked in the Haixinsha on the Pearl River, just like the Asian Games boat.

I. Engineering content and overall lighting design

Haixinsha is located in the inner channel of the Pearl River, adjacent to the Pearl River New City in the north, Guangzhou New TV Tower in the south, and Ersha Island in the west. The construction land area is about 17 hectares (800 meters long and 200 meters wide). The natural environment is superior. It is a rare natural ecological space on the Pearl River. It is rich in landscape resources and is a perfect place to watch the night scenes and experience nature.

For the first time, the Guangzhou Asian Games set the opening and closing ceremonies of the large-scale international sports games on the open water surface. “With the Pearl River as the stage and the city as the background”, Haixinsha Island is at the intersection of the Guangzhou New Central Axis and the Pearl River two urban spatial axes, holding a large-scale ceremony, which is the ideal stage.

Different from the previous architectural design concept, Haixinsha's overall lighting design is based on the theme of “performance”, positioning itself as “based on Chinese culture, integrating Asian culture and highlighting Lingnan culture”, combining the overall lighting design of the Pearl River and the new central axis, meaning the foothold of the East. Facing the world, heading for a harmonious place where the sun rises. The main difficulty of Haixinsha landscape lighting project is concentrated in the short construction period, the development and production technology of the lamps is difficult, the actual test lighting conditions are lacking at the scene, and as the opening venue of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the lighting system must meet the lighting requirements of the performance.

Second, the preparation stage

1. Lighting method

Haixinsha adopts integrated lighting. The top uses a high-power 6° narrow-beam metal halide floodlight E1 combined with a special high-power LED floodlight L4 to achieve a variety of dynamic lighting effects to meet the aerial photography requirements. In particular, the special high-power LED strip-shaped floodlights are actually three-lamp integrated. The high-power strip-shaped floodlights on both sides use two rows of LEDs, the illumination angle is 50 degrees, the lamps can be adjusted up and down horizontally, and there is a unique defense. Glare baffle design. The top of the lamp adopts a 200-width semi-circular digital tube, which is used to cover the dark area of ​​the projector body itself, so that the roof of the stand forms a continuous light strip. The luminaire uses high-quality high-brightness US Cree color-grade 5MM LED and high-power LED. The built-in control IC of the luminaire realizes independent change of 8 sections of water at the top, and independent flow changes of 4 sections on both sides, which can be combined with the DMX main control system to achieve delicate changes.

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