Fast Broadcasting Suspected of Piracy Punished 260 Million

Quick Broadcasting Suspected of Piracy Punished 260 Million

According to media reports, on the afternoon of May 20, the law enforcement officers of the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration came to Shenzhen Broadcasting Co., Ltd. headquarters and sent a notice of administrative penalty hearings for Shenzhen Express Broadcast Technology Co., Ltd., and proposed to apply 2.6 to the fast broadcast office. Billion fines.

According to reports, because the middle and senior management personnel of the fast broadcast company are not in the company, the notice was implemented and retained.

On the 15th of this month, the nationwide “Office of Purchasing Anti-Huang Bei” office informed that the company’s dissemination of obscene and pornographic content information was serious and the circumstances were serious. According to relevant regulations, the Guangdong Communications Administration proposed to revoke the administrative license of the value-added telecommunications business. Punishment.

At the same time, the rapid dissemination of obscene and pornographic information by the company was suspected of constituting a crime. The public security department has now initiated investigations and detained criminal suspects.

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