Far East Cable Leads Domestic Domestic Commercial Real Estate Construction Project

In recent years, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. has accelerated the pace of scientific and technological development, increased the research and development of new products, new materials, and new technologies, and met the needs of urban development and construction with high-quality products and optimal services. Recently, Far East Cable won consecutive bids in commercial real estate projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Nantong, becoming the preferred products for domestic commercial real estate construction projects.

As a leading company in the wire and cable industry, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. insists on scientific and technological innovation to take a new road to industrialization. The company has established a material technology research laboratory and a pilot production line. It has advanced ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable testing equipment in the industry, established a provincial-level enterprise technology center, an overhead wire and power cable engineering technology research center, and a product quality supervision and inspection sub-center. Established postdoctoral workstations and academician expert workstations, developed a market urgently needed products to meet the market demand, occupy the market "commanding point." At the same time, it also promoted project construction and fostered the development potential of the company.

Technological innovation promoted the continuous development of the company. Production and sales ranked first in the country for 13 consecutive years. At present, Far East Cable, relying on strong sales networks, brand effects, and technology policy support, has researched and developed a batch of advanced technologies that fill the gaps in the country, obtained dozens of patents, formed more than 160 varieties of wire and cable products of 18,000 specifications, and quickly occupied the market. , Become a new profit growth point of the company, promote the rapid development of the company, leading the development direction of the cable industry products.

The Antenna Assembly Harness are passed heat and other kinds of tested.

This is auto cable .OEM/ODM specification for you.welcome to your inquiring with drawing pictures or sample.

If sample  offered by clients ,according machines inspection, datas of this kind of cable will be know by our technician .

If only drawing pictures ,please offer the 3D drowing pictures.

Antenna Assembly Harness

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