Detoxification: Mad Cat US-Texas Ticker RAT9 Unpacking

Just because you looked at you more in the mouse group, you never lost your face again.

After waiting for half an month's RAT9 to finally arrive, the road could not resist tearing the express delivery. The inner pleasure could not be described.

It's 3 dollars less than when I bought it, and I feel bad...

Out of the box

Only the upper side and the side have air protection and do not know how much bumps the road has experienced.

The packaging is not very elaborate and can only be described as so-so.

The box is plastic, and the package is fairly complete, except that there are signs of opening in the sealed area. It should have been opened when passing customs.

After opening, the upper layer is the mouse and the battery, and the lower layer is the small column of infrared receivers and accessories.

HD codeless map

People who feel small hands when they first start to use are not suitable, because the extra small tails that mediate the weight are more inconvenient, and may be the reason that Apple's mouse is relatively flat. In the beginning, it was not very smooth.

Directly connect the wireless receiver to the computer, windows will recognize this wireless mouse.

The battery can be used for more than a day if it is not connected to the Internet. The battery life is not very durable.

The wheel of the RAT9 is not fully metalized, and even the vertical and horizontal wheel functions are useless. The edge of the RAT9 roller is made of metal and the middle part is a rubber-like material that is consistent with the mouse. Feel satisfactory. The wheel has a sense of scale when it is slightly slid, and when it slides strongly, the acceleration is obvious and the experience is very smooth.

One of Saitek RAT9's original creations is "Torks can be adjusted before and after adjustment." There are no similar products on the market. It can be said that it is the first one. Now many mouse thumb positions have a lot of shortcut keys. The keys are all large. The thumb is very far away. You need to turn your palm to press it. Most people don't use it. In the end, it becomes a button for the ribs. Saitek takes this into consideration, allowing the RAT9 to move forward and backward, and is adjusted by the 6-point screwdriver behind the mouse. More detailed, The RAT9 also incorporates front and rear adjustments to suit the position of different people's tigers. After careful adjustment, you can find the right angle and direction for you.

The original two of RAT9 is "The three finger wings can be replaced with three different kinds of wings," which are a standard little finger-fin, a small imitation snake-like wing that enhances the grip, and a wing-like little finger support that can be used to grip the little finger. Full rest. Saiteke considers it very carefully. In addition to the thumb, the pinky flanks can also be detached. The individual feels like a snakeskin little finger has a very good winged feel.

In general, the left and right buttons of the RAT9's mouse are very spacious, the buttons feel very crisp, and the response speed is very fast. The special feature of the RAT9 left and right buttons is that the buttons are integrated, and the entire left and right button area can be clicked. The range is extremely wide. And clicking in different areas, the hand feels the same. The RAT9's left and right buttons and the middle button area are also very comfortable. The wide space allows the index finger to be responsible for the left button, the middle finger for the wheel, and the ring finger for the first right button. 3 refers to the mouse control program will let each finger fully stretch. To solve most of the mouse space is too narrow, can only use two fingers responsible for the mouse's problems, improve the degree of mouse comfort.

Finally, put a comparison chart between RAT9 and apple mouse.

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