Detailed explanation of the health care principle of magnetic therapy

Electronic fever enthusiasts core tips : This article mainly explains the health care principles of magnetic therapy, will be discussed from the following five aspects, what is magnetic therapy, the symptoms of magnetic therapy, the mechanism of magnetic therapy, according to the biological magnetic effect, magnetic therapy treatment The mechanism can be summarized in several aspects, according to clinical observation and experimental research, from Western medicine, what is the therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy.

1. What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of artificial magnetic field (external magnetic field) applied to the human meridians, acupoints and lesions to treat certain diseases. It is a simple and effective scientific method, and also includes oral and external magnetic drugs.

The rapid development of magnetic therapy in recent years is due to its wide range of treatment symptoms and remarkable therapeutic effects. It is non-invasive, pain-free, has few side effects, is safe, reliable, easy to learn, understand, and economical. It is a new method worthy of widespread promotion.

2. Current status of magnetic therapy:

In ancient times, China used magnetic therapy to cure diseases. In the early 1960s, ferrite magnetic blocks were applied to acupoints to treat hypertension, arthritis and other diseases. Later, magnetic therapy machines, magnetic water devices and magnetic fields were applied to clothing such as clothes, hats, shoes, pants, and pads. , Gyromagnetic method, magnetoelectric method, magnetic needle method, etc.

Up to now, China's magnetic therapy has entered a stage of multi-level, multi-science, multi-level and in-depth improvement. The theory of magnetic therapy, biological effects, clinical indications, methodology, device research, etc., have more clear arguments. Magnetic therapy has become one of the main methods of physical therapy. Many medical science and technology workers have conducted further research on its mechanism, and various magnetic therapy devices are developing to a high level.

3. The mechanism of magnetic therapy:

Magnetic properties are one of the properties of matter. The human body also has a certain degree of magnetism. It has been found that the magnetic activity is produced by the electrical activity of the human brain, heart, skin and other organs. Even the hair follicles on the hair generate a magnetic field. In recent years, due to the development of modern magnetism and biology, the edge science of biomagnetism has emerged. It is now known that magnetic substances and magnetic fields have a certain effect and influence on the physiological function of biology. Magnetic effect. This magnetic effect is determined by the electronic motion of the microstructure inside the object and the magnetic properties of the materials that make up the biological tissue. Scientific experiments have confirmed that magnetic substances and magnetic fields have different effects on all levels of biological molecules, cells, nerves, organs and whole bodies (referring to living bodies). Magnetic therapy is to use this biological magnetic effect inside the human body to adjust and restore various unbalanced or abnormal functional states in the human body to achieve the purpose of treatment.

4. According to the biological magnetic effect, the mechanism of magnetic therapy can be summarized as follows:

1. The redox reaction in the process of life, the conduction of nerves and the pulsation of the heart and lungs are all related to the electron transmission inside the human body. The magnetic field can affect the movement of the electronic "BR".

2. The permeability of the biofilm is extremely selective, and it has a major effect on the brain potential and the exchange and metabolism of substances in the human body. Magnetic field can affect the permeability of some charged ions in "BR", such as potassium, sodium and oxygen.

3. Various enzymes and proteins in the human body contain many traces of excessive metals, such as iron, cobalt, manganese, copper, etc. Most of these trace elements are components of various enzymes and proteins, and at the same time they are the activity centers of enzymes and proteins. The magnetic field changes the active functions of these enzymes and proteins by acting on transition metal elements (magnetic ions), accelerating the biochemical reactions of the enzyme system.

5. According to clinical observation and experimental research, from the perspective of Western medicine, magnetic therapy has the following therapeutic effects:

1. Magnetic therapy can enhance the vitality of white blood cells. Under the action of magnetic field, the white blood cell phagocytosis function is more active, and the sedimentation of red blood cells and lymphocytes becomes slower, which is beneficial to anti-inflammatory and lowering blood sedimentation.

2. Magnetic therapy can improve blood circulation, increase the absorption of oxygen and iron, and eliminate carbon dioxide and dirt in the blood (harmful toxins and fatigue substances).

3. Magnetic therapy can induce current in the body, induce "Joule fever", increase the elasticity of the blood vessel wall to expand blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, accelerate blood flow, and eliminate embolism.

4. Magnetic therapy can strengthen the penetration of endocrine fluid and correct endocrine disorders and disorders.

5. Magnetic therapy can stimulate the human receptors, excite peripheral nerves, and regulate nerve function.

6. Magnetic therapy can cause pain-causing substances such as bradycardia, serotonin, acidic metabolites to diffuse and disappear, reduce and eliminate pain.

7. Through the testing and testing of magnetization, the physical and chemical properties of water have changed before and after magnetization. Due to the effect of magnetic field energy, the comprehensive form of water molecules in magnetized water has changed, making long-chain molecules short-chain. Bimolecule (H2O) 2, due to weak molecular absorption between bimolecules and other crystalline substances, it is not easy to aggregate into agglomerates, which can keep calcium and magnesium substances always free with tiny protons, which is not easy to adhere to the body wall of the body The cause of stones. Due to the strong permeability of the magnetized water, it can penetrate into the inside of the stone and melt and decompose the formed stone.

Taken together , magnetic therapy has various therapeutic effects such as promoting metabolism, improving blood circulation, regulating nerve function, restoring metabolic function, enhancing disease resistance, and eliminating pain.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, since magnetic therapy is like acupuncture, it mainly treats diseases through the body's meridian points, which shows that the effect of magnetic therapy on meridians is obvious. Although the essence of meridians has not yet been elucidated and concluded in medicine, some believe that The modern nervous system is also considered to be a vascular system, another is an endocrine system, and another is a lymphatic system, or a combination of them, but the meridians exist objectively.

Not only Chinese medicine thinks this way, Western medicine is also affirmed on the existence of meridians. These systems belong to the human body ’s nerve and body fluids, so magnetic therapy has effects and effects on it. According to Chinese medicine, there are two main functions of magnetic therapy. which is:

1. Dredge the meridians and make the meridians unobstructed, so that qi and blood can circulate.

2. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so that the phenomena of qi stagnation, blood stasis and water retention can be eliminated. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is an important treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, especially since the 1970s, the clinical application of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis has been greatly developed. .

We have clinically confirmed that most of the diseases that can be treated by Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can be treated by magnetic therapy, and the effects are very good, such as hematoma, hypertension, cerebral stroke (cerebrovascular disease), coronary heart disease, diabetes, Pleural effusion, hydrocephalus, nephritis, edema, especially joint pain and other effects are very good. It shows that the effect of magnetic therapy on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is very strong, so from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of magnetic therapy is more obvious.

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