Dehao Runda: Feasibility report data is puzzling

On October 31 this year, the A5 version of the Volkswagen Securities published "Dhaohao Runda: Strategic investors are retreating" article, which revealed that the strategic investor Guangdong Jianlongda, which was just introduced in the first half of the year, quietly sold shares. . This week, Dehao Runda’s announcement on the illegal trading of shares by the second shareholder Guangdong Jianlongda is a response to the report of this newspaper.
On Wednesday, Dehao Runda issued an announcement acknowledging the fact that the two shareholders illegally sold shares. The violation of this violation, the announcement explained that Guangdong Jianlongda did not understand the relevant securities regulations, and agreed to hand over the short-term transaction income of 5,676,200 yuan before December 31. However, this does not explain why a strategic investor who had just stepped in at a low price in the first half of the year was eager to reduce its shareholding.
The reporter has made new discoveries in the investigation of Dehao Runda, and the feasibility report of the private placement of Dehao Runda, which is being fully invested in the near future, is also incomprehensible.
In this private placement, Dehao Runda is preparing to invest in “LED Lighting”, “LED Packaging” and “LED Chip” projects, with a total investment of 1.604 billion yuan. Regarding the 1.6 billion project, Dehao Runda issued a feasibility report of 8 pages. In the second paragraph of the third page, there is such a paragraph: "In 2006, the output value of China's LED was 14 billion yuan. In 2008, the application market reached 54 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2010, the scale of the domestic LED industry will exceed 100 billion yuan. Among them, the market size of lighting lamps is 25.4 billion US dollars, and the market size of lighting equipment/devices is 106.6 billion US dollars." Through the review of past data, the "14 billion yuan" in 2006 and the "54 billion yuan" in 2008. The unit of measurement is all RMB, which means that the scale of the domestic LED industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2010, which should be 100 billion yuan, while the second half predicts that only the market size of the lighting can reach 25.4 billion. Dollar. According to the exchange rate on November 13, the exchange rate of 25.4 billion US dollars is equivalent to 173.4 billion yuan! Why is the 173.4 billion yuan less than 100 billion yuan?

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