Cree: LED market will be in short supply for a long time

Recently, Chris James, vice president of strategy and business development at Cree, the world's top five LED manufacturers, pointed out that the LED market is currently in short supply and may become a long-term problem.


James said that the LED market is in short supply and may become a long-term problem. The lighting market can be divided into two parts: general lighting and LED lighting. According to Philips' prediction, LED lighting will account for 90% of the total lighting market in 2020, and traditional general lighting will only have 10% market share. Ordinary lighting is developing steadily, and it needs to rely on continuous innovation to accumulate strength and progress. However, the LED lighting that began to develop two years ago is different, and its rapid growth has caused the market to be in short supply. LEDs are also a technical challenge, and large-scale companies are more advantageous here because they are easy to reduce costs. James pointed out that before the supply of LED market stabilizes, the competition among manufacturers will become more and more fierce, which may include malicious bargaining, over-exaggerated advertising and the market from TV and portable PC backlights. Control. Only those who can produce high quality, low price and high reliability can become the final winner.

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