Chongqing Taishan Aimed at Major Scientific Research Projects of UHV Submarine DC Cables

In accordance with the requirements of the CEC Equipment Company, Chongqing Taishan Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., through full investigation and demonstration, established the submarine cable research project, established a research and development group, established a research and development organizational structure, and is currently actively preparing for the establishment of a national cable and cable engineering technology center.

Wu Weining, vice president of the State Grid Institute of Electrical Engineering and his party, went to Prysmian Cable and System Group in Italy for cooperation and communication in October. The two parties are willing to further broaden the new cable, UHV cable, and HVDC in the form of a joint working group. The research cooperation in the fields of polyethylene insulated cables, condition monitoring systems, etc. continues to increase the depth of cooperation. This move is reminiscent of the possibility that the Italian Prysmian Cable Group will be involved in this ultra-high voltage DC submarine cable project in Chongqing Taishan.

The cable industry believes that Taishan Chongqing has a unique and objective objective to target cross-linked polyethylene insulated ultra-high voltage submarine DC cables. In addition to the factory's complete and advanced UHV cross-linked cable manufacturing equipment, Chongqing Taishan is a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China, which is an important factor in the enterprise system. This national submarine cable engineering center was established at the request of China Electric Power Equipment Corporation. After this center is built, it will be the most authoritative UHV submarine DC cable R&D institution in China and will leave a glorious page in the history of China's UHV submarine DC cables.

Chongqing Taishan said that the company has reached cooperation agreements with several R&D institutions, including the Shanghai Jiaotong University Electronic Engineering Laboratory, the Electrical Insulation Laboratory of Harbin University of Science and Technology, the National Wire and Cable Test Center, and the Materials Laboratory of Shandong University. At present, although the standards for cross-linked polyethylene insulated AC cables and their accessories have been relatively perfect, there is no standard for DC cables and their accessories. The company has already started to write corporate standards on cross-linked polyethylene insulated high-voltage DC cables and their accessories. This standard will fill the gap in the domestic high voltage extruded insulated DC cable specification. At present, this project has completed the material procurement plan and product trial production plan and the specific implementation plan of the project. At present, the project is being implemented according to the schedule and the product design has been preliminary shaped.

As early as October 31 this year, Chongqing Taishan signed a cooperation framework agreement with Changyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. on the development of the 320kV DC submarine cable transmission accessory project.

According to Changyuan Power, the high-voltage DC submarine cable transmission project is the world's most cutting-edge high-tech. After the project is successful, it will be the first application of cross-linked polyethylene cable in the internationally-operated DC cable transmission and will become an international gap. Major projects will also play an important role in promoting industrial upgrading of the power industry and enhancing the international competitiveness of national enterprises.

●Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D.IEC297-2.DIN41494;PART1.DIN41494;PART7, ETSI standard.
●Modular design, easily assemble and disassemble for delivery, low-cost;
●Various optional accessories according to requirements (cable management slot, removable working panel, etc.,).
Main material:
●SPCC cold rolled steel;
●Thickness: plinth: 2.0mm; Front and bottom beams: 2.0mm, Pole: 1.5mm.
Surface finish:
●Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated.
Loading capacity:
●Static loading: 150KG

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