Chongqing Seminar: Experts for Chongqing LED Industry

Chongqing Seminar: Experts for Chongqing LED Industry

——Record the 2010 Chongqing Symposium on LED Illumination in China

Wudu Mountain City, double festive. On August 27th, 2010 LED Illuminated China Tour - National Tour Survey and Industry Seminar The eighth seminar was successfully held in Chongqing Grand Hall Hotel. The atmosphere was lively and the audience responded well. The seminar was jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED and Chongqing LED Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance. The meeting held a heated discussion on the hot topics of the current LED industry. At the round table, many experts made suggestions for the development of the LED industry in Chongqing.

The seminar attracted more than 100 spectators. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Director of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute, Tang Guoqing, General Manager of Career China Market, Zhou Xuejun, Director of Asia Marketing of Philips Lumileds, and Chen Xu, General Manager of Jiangsu Xinli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech.

Tang Guoqing: Ten reasons why LEDs change lighting

Tang Guoqing pointed out that the top ten reasons for LED to change lighting are: 1. The concept of decision-making has begun to change, 2. The opinions of experts have changed, 3. The public's ideas have changed quietly, 4. The influence of major projects has increased, 5. The space for the improvement of traditional lamps is small, 6. The LED technology level is advancing by leaps and bounds, 7. The price of semiconductor lamps is decreasing, 8. The market competition tends to begin to be standardized, 9. The standards are accelerated and established, and 10. The green lighting world is inevitable.

According to the report of Career's fiscal year, the proportion of LED's output value has increased year by year, 78% in 2007, 84% in 2008, and 87% in 2009.

Tang Guoqing, General Manager of Career China Market

Zhou Xuejun: LUXEON Rebel - setting a new benchmark for LEDs quality

According to Zhou Xuejun, according to Philips Lighting, the proportion of LED lighting in 2008 is about 7% of global lighting, and it is estimated that it will reach 75% in 2020. Philips Lumileds will have more than $100 million in research and development investment this year. At present, the development of LED lighting is very fast, but LED lighting applications still face many challenges, focusing on the four aspects of light quality, performance, reliability and simplicity.

Zhou Xuejun introduced the latest Lumiramic patented fluorescence technology used by Philips Lumileds' new LUXEON Rebel 2700K and 3000K warm white light products. Its white light distribution can reach 1/16 of ANSI BIN, and Philips Lumileds' vision is to make the lighting industry completely Get rid of the troubles of BIN. After introducing the latest 300+ lumens high-light products LUXEON Rebel ES, which was specially designed for outdoor lighting, Zhou Xuejun also expressed his optimistic view on the prospect of AC LED. Philips Lumileds will soon launch its own unique AC LED products.

He also mentioned that the company's LUXEON Rebel LEDs have passed the US Energy Star certification and LM-80 test as early as last year. The relevant test data is completely open to the industry and can be obtained from its official website at any time without any conditions. .

Philips Lumileds Asia Regional Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun

He Wenming: LED indoor lighting market and lighting cost structure

He Wenming, chairman of Fujian Zhongke Wanbang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. pointed out that the application of LED lamps is unevenly distributed. The areas where LED applications are concentrated are mostly concentrated areas of the LED industry. The large-scale application of lamps is still dominated by the government. He Wenming analyzed the status quo of the domestic LED indoor lighting market, and proposed that the LED lamp price is too high, which makes it difficult to popularize consumers. He said that the lack of standards has led to market confusion, product design has no uniform specifications, product damage has no uniform accessories, and the lack of standards has led to enterprises. They are independent.

He Wenming said that domestic LED indoor lighting should be popularized, and the following problems need to be solved: promote the application of a large number of projects, promote consumption popularization; conduct in-depth education for consumers; solve technical problems existing in LED lamps; further improve product cost performance. He Wenming also proposed a cost control strategy for LED indoor lighting.

He Wenming, Chairman of Fujian Zhongke Wanbang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Chen Xu: Ultra-high power lighting LED packaging technology

Chen Xu briefly describes the current status of the LED lighting application industry. As an emerging field, many lighting industry colleagues have encountered some difficulties in the process of manufacturing LED lamps. He summarized that the factors that hinder the promotion of LED lighting mainly include: 1. unstable light source and short life; 2. poor power quality and many faults; 3. difficulty in light distribution and strong glare; 4. complicated production process and high input cost. It takes a long time and the yield is low.

Through the comparison of LED products in different packaging processes, Chen Xu introduced the technological features of Xinli Optoelectronics LED products, including: light source, lens, collar, copper bracket, aluminum base and light decay. Finally, Chen Xu also introduced a principle and application of ultra-high power lighting level LED metal packaging technology, and showed Xinli Opto's road light series, flood light series and explosion-proof light series products.

Chen Xu, General Manager of Jiangsu Xinli Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Zhang Xiaofei: LED industry inventory in the first half of 2010

Zhang Xiaofei took stock of the top ten hot topics in the LED industry in the first half of the year, namely, "the price of the chip has risen against the historical trend", the heat of the ten cities is no longer hot, the two LED companies are listed domestically, and "multiple standards have not been introduced to the industry." "End", EMC spoils LED industry, LED TV penetration exceeds expectations, optoelectronic industry park attracts tight, overseas market accelerates popularization of LED lighting, high-power chip light effect achieves new breakthrough, traditional lighting accelerates to LED lighting.

Regarding the price increase of the chip, Zhang Xiaofei analyzed the price increase phenomenon and its reasons, and believed that the price increase of the chip will continue until the second quarter of next year, and then there will be a continuous decline, and the situation of continued decline in chip prices after next year will remain. carry on. Last year, the ten cities and cities were still in full swing, but this year they were cold and the heat was no longer. The so-called "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" goal has been difficult to achieve, and the installation of LED street lights will increase steadily and slightly this year and next.

At present, the optoelectronic industrial park has fierce competition, and the investment wars in various industrial parks are extremely fierce. Local governments are also competing to introduce attractive policies, and LED companies must learn to fully utilize the relevant government policies.


Gaogong LED CEO Zhang Xiaofei

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