China Optoelectronics Q3 wins Liwan, with a quarterly growth of 58%

Zhongqiang Optoelectronics (5371) held a law conference and announced its earnings report. The accumulated revenue for the first three quarters was NT$52.551 billion, consolidated operating income was 1.562 billion yuan, consolidated net profit before tax was 2.192 billion yuan, and consolidated net profit after tax was 1.609 billion yuan. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 1.653 billion yuan, and the after-tax earnings per share for the first three quarters was 2.30 yuan.

China Optoelectronics consolidated revenue of 21.052 billion yuan in the third quarter, a 16% increase in the quarter, combined operating net profit of 463 million yuan, consolidated net profit after tax of 899 million yuan, a quarterly growth of 58%, and a post-tax earnings per share of 1.18 yuan. Huang Jingzhou, general manager of China Optoelectronics backlighting group, said that due to the peak quarter effect and the demand of the terminal market, the backlight module products merged with the mainland factory in the third quarter, with a revenue of 14.32 billion yuan and shipments of 19.36 million pieces, respectively. The second quarter grew by 22%.

Huang Jingzhou pointed out that the use of LED as a light source for high-end notebook computer panel backlight module shipments continues to climb, and several 20-inch, ultra-thin, ultra-high brightness high-end LED monitor backlight module also mass production at the end of the quarter And it is estimated that the penetration rate in the fourth quarter will grow from 5% in the third quarter to around 15%. The shipment penetration rate of large-size LED pen motors will continue to grow, reaching 70-80%. Huang Jingzhou pointed out that due to industry quarterly factors, overall shipments will decline slightly in the fourth quarter, but the product mix will be better than the third quarter.

In addition, new products such as LED projectors and 3D stereo glasses with LED as the light source are in line with expectations and will be launched in the first quarter of 2010. Due to the continued quarterly effect, the average monthly shipments in the fourth quarter are expected to reach between 9 and 95,000 units, and the annual shipment target will reach 900,000 units.

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A type of Auto Lamp that used quartz as glass shell and filled with halogen gas gives a very bright light. Principle is inside the halogen bulb such as injection of iodine or bromine, under high temperature, the sublimation of chemistry with halogen tungsten filament, tungsten will be cooled to solidification on tungsten filament, form balanced circle, avoid premature tungsten filament fracture. So halogen bulbs live longer than incandescent bulbs. The supply voltage of halogen lamp is usually divided into ac 220V and dc 12V and 24V. The halogen lamp is made of tungsten, but it is enclosed in a smaller quartz glass shell. Because the glass is very close to the filament, if it's made by normal glass, it will melt very easily. The gas in the glass is composed of different gases. These gases have a very interesting feature. They are combined with tungsten vapor. If the temperature is not high enough, the halogen gas combines with the tungsten vaporization and redeposition of the filament. This cycle makes the filament can last more time. Halogen bulb is hotter than a normal bulb.

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