Cannon continued to be a micro whale

Although the screen is gradually developing to a large size, the size of the 40-50-inch right-to-back resurrection and its price positioning are quite attractive. While many manufacturers are developing large-size high-end TV markets, they have also forgotten to take care of small and medium-sized products to meet the needs of different working-class people or different consumer groups. As a newcomer to the color TV industry, micro-whales rely on their own technology accumulation and reputation. The speed of development is fast enough for many consumers to question, but word of mouth and sales are in front of them!

"The strongest hardware + most cattle content + cost-effective" thinking cut off the original high-cost wall of smart TVs and improved the TV-size products, but Micro-Whale Technology still remembers the development of small-size TVs and launched 43-inch FHD. High-definition television W43F, outside watching, similar to the previous generation of small steel guns.

Appearance: Simple and Smart

In terms of overall appearance, the Whale W43F has little difference from its predecessor cannons, but it turns from the original golden color to the silver one, and is more introverted. The improvement of more details has to be slowly looked down.

Microwhale W43F TV overall design style is still the main simple melody, the use of a very narrow frame design makes the overall field of vision broader, increased the proportion of the screen, brings a borderless visual effects, the bottom of the use of a silver metal frame decoration, improve its The overall metal texture, the thinnest body is only 17.6mm, not ultra-thin, but it is also to achieve the ultimate.

The back of the fuselage is relatively neatly arranged, with a row of heat sinks on the upper part, and a concave design to reduce the probability of dust directly falling into the interior. The 5-way navigation key is retained, even if there is no remote control.

17.6mm thickness basically bid farewell to ultra-thin, after dust-free nano-spray, let the body emit a luxurious metal texture!

Although the body thickness is a bit tricky, but in the screen frame, the micro whale W43F has done a very good narrowing process, so that the overall screen look better.

Microwhale W43F is not a metal edging design. The choice of material, the use of secondary injection molding process, after neat fine brushed texture processing process, showing brushed, matte grain, high light three visual effects, on the one hand to reduce the body The overall weight, but without losing the hardness, more art appreciation.

The Micro Whale W43F uses a double V-bracket and uses a medical-grade, high-standard material. In combination with the secondary molding technology, the dust-free nano-spraying technology brings a luxurious metallic texture. The support point also has a non-slip mat to ensure stability.

The iconic LOGO of the Little Whale is located in the middle of the bottom border. The color of the metal ash is very bright on the surface of the silver matte, but there is no suddenness with the black directly.

Keeping the five-dimensional keys on the back, you can completely assume the role of controlling the TV when you cannot find the remote control occasionally.

Interface design, micro whale W43F once again made adjustments, greatly simplifies the extra buttons. Has 2 HDMI, 1 USB3.0, AV input interface, basically meet the daily needs of consumers. All the interfaces are all treated with a gold-plated process, preventing oxidation and improving the quality of the product.

The standard remote control uses a bamboo shape as a prototype, and the surface is frosted to bring a warm touch. A Bluetooth 4.0 voice remote controller is used to support pointless remote operation, and the voice is used for video program search and operation. Another benefit is that it has a longer connection distance and lower power consumption.

Summary: Micro Whale W43F uses a slim body design, discarding the 7-degree mold, using APPLE TV the same mold technology, the overall molding process is better, the border by high light steam and drawing processing, so that the plastic material can also be distributed metallic feel. It must be mentioned that equipped with a high-cost Bluetooth 4.0 voice remote control brings the best operating experience.

Screen performance test

TV as the protagonist of the living room, the low price is naturally attractive, but the screen display is always the absolute consumer purchase factor. The evaluation room conducts detailed tests using professional instruments. First of all, the TV backlight is adjusted to the brightest, other parameters are defaulted, and the product is tested and scored in five aspects in detail. As a result, the five-dimensional performance chart is made into the diagram below.

As shown in the above figure, the color gamma W43F color gamut is as high as 78.59%. Of course, it is not as high as 90% of the high-end TVs. However, in the same price TV market, the performance is indeed high. .

The whale W43F test center brightness is 250cd/m2, the effect is quite satisfactory. However, the brightness value does not completely determine the quality of the TV screen. It also requires comprehensive consideration in many aspects. This is only for reference.

First of all, TV is tested for TV power consumption. By comparing different color photos and recording the power consumption value of TV, the performance of the micro-whale W43F is very good. Under the black screen, only 21.80 W can Consumption, the next screen test has also been well verified.

From the perspective of the color transition, except that the green red and yellow are slightly stiff, the overshoot of other colors is very smooth; through the color analysis equipment test, the coordinate values ​​of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue are converted. The NTSC gamut value reached 78.59%. The blue and red display capabilities were particularly prominent. The green display capability was greatly improved.

In the color consistency test, the color reproduction capability of the Whale W43F is fairly good. The results of the machine evaluation are qualified, and the brightness uniformity and the color difference can be seen from the graph to be very awesome.

In the actual drawing of the yarn ball, the main concern is whether there is a bond area between the red and pink yarn balls in the lower right corner, and it can be seen that in the screen shot pattern, the boundary between the two yarn balls is very not sticky. However, there is a little whitening in the middle of the picture.

In the silk standard test screen, the color of the overall picture of the Whale W43F is more realistic. The difference between the shades of the three color shades is very good. It is not overly rich or light, and there is no cross infection in the color transition. .

Brightness test

In the brightness test session, the TV backlight settings need to be adjusted to the highest, and other settings are the default. The average brightness of the micro whale W43F is as high as 240 cd/m2. The details of the screen are not exquisite. The white under different gray levels has a good degree of differentiation. The screen is clean and not muddy, and the overall sense of hierarchy is prominent.

Grayscale performance, from the test screen, the distinction between the various grayscale performance is good, but there is no clear boundary between the 0~2 order.

The black and white background map of the standard test disc, the two ladies wearing a satin dress can be easily distinguished from the same color background, the outline of the dress is more obvious; in the Tokyo Tower part, the darkness of the middle billboard is distinct, and the sky background sinks. No light leakage, etc.; charcoal block, the side of the charcoal texture is well preserved.

Dynamic Testing

In this test session, from the enlarged view, through the train window to see whether the scenery on the other side of the train is clear to determine the merits of its dynamic performance, from the real shot of the micro whale W43F screen, the train The edge of the house on the other side is very clear. Through the windows of the car, the outline of the silhouette of the car is also clearly visible, and there is no phenomenon of smearing or blurring due to high speed.

Little Whale W43F dynamic test performance is satisfactory, compared to the same price level products, its performance is definitely at a high level, but have to admit that the possibility of accidental events, so put a few other screen shot proofs, using the map to prove that Persuasive.

Summary: comprehensive data testing and standard test disc screen shots, micro whale W43F control light or optimization is quite good, through the dynamic backlight adjustment, making the picture whether it is dark or light details are well represented. Thanks to its 24 image quality and color enhancement technology, it dynamically eliminates noise and noise on the screen, ensuring that the picture details are well preserved and displayed under high-speed movement, avoiding frames dropping or smearing.

Multimedia test

Smart TVs can get fired up. Natural factors are their online resources, but they are also supported by powerful decoding capabilities. If you are a photography enthusiast, then another big screen effect is naturally used to browse your own video or photo artwork! Therefore, I think that the ability of local media to play and decode is the basic function of each TV, and its performance ability cannot be underestimated. Support for local media files and playback quality largely reflect how high the performance of television is. Today I used a 64G USB3.0 flash disk input to test the Micro Whale W43F smart TV.

The first test video file, in the movie playback, its decoding is very important. The format supported by the Micro Whale 43-inch FHD TV covers the current popular formats, including AVI/DIVX, FLV/F4V, WMV/ASF, 3GP/3G2/3GPP, MP4/M4VMPEG/MPG/DAT/VOB/EVO/VOB , TS/M2TS, MKV/WEBM, MOV, etc.

During the playback process, regardless of the MKV or TS format of high-definition friends, the playback process has good fluency, and high-speed images do not appear to be smeared.

The whale W43F video decoding capability is very satisfying. During the playback process, regardless of the MKV or high-definition streaming TS format, the playback process has good fluency, and high-speed images do not appear to be smeared. H.265 hard decoding saves 50% of the bandwidth compared to H.264 decoding, plus its 24 image processing technologies and high dynamic contrast make the picture more delicate and the colors more saturated.

HIFI TV audio

Outsiders may be a little unfamiliar with the brand of micro-whales, but recently it seems that they have a high exposure. No doubt, it is the good-humored Chinese good singing program. Micro-whales are the only official Internet TV brand to win such heavyweight titles. The status, of course, will ultimately be its powerful HIFI class sound system.

To the ultra-thin development, micro-whales also have this ability. The reason why the micro-whale 43-inch FHD TV is heavy, a large reason is not willing to blindly pursue ultra-thin, give up the quality and sound quality, built-in exclusive patented design independent cavity Speakers, and through dynamic EQ compensation technology, to achieve high and low frequency loudness compensation, also has DRC dynamic anti-distortion function. Make the sound as warm as the afternoon and the curve is smoother.

System and its UI

The Whale W43F and Alibaba cooperated with Alibaba. Its system is a 64-bit YunOS system. The UI of the main interface adopts a waterflow design. The TV interface has been changed horizontally. The vertical layout is adopted. The simple UI and modular application design fades the bustling appearance design. To restore the most essential requirements, people can see their functions at a glance and improve the speed of system operation.


In the left side of the main interface is the project bar design, divided into six categories of signal source, my TV, wonderful recommendation, classification, application, setting, etc., to help users quickly locate their functional modules. Microwhales use Internet big data analysis technology, unique home data models and algorithms to learn from consumers' viewing habits, recommend menus for consumers on the wonderful interface, and let content find consumers.

Dynamic scrolling displays theme content, but users can customize content according to their own preferences or habits, adjust the dynamic interface on the main interface, the DIY interface has become the current trend of smart TV system design.

Feeling conscience, the micro whale W43F is not really priced, because it also comes with a year membership, and is not limited to a resource platform, integrates a number of resources from Ali, Tencent, and CMC and packages Mango TV variety shows. Into the micro-whale members, become a member of the micro-whale can enjoy one-stop "Internet large-screen end of the first library."

Micro Whale W43F comes with a year of film and television members, you can receive it after you log in, enjoy the VIP resources, of course, the most important thing is no advertising troubles! No advertising troubles! No advertising troubles!

In the wonderful recommendation section, the current news of various categories such as politics, entertainment, society, etc., can be conveniently viewed on the mobile computer, but there is no big screen browsing so cool! Just need a remote control to watch all kinds of popular information.

Users are most concerned about online video resources, there is not enough video library, how can it survive in the Red Ocean TV? In my TV column, Little Whale TV provides a huge amount of video resources, relying on a strong lineup of partners, including Time Warner, TVB, Oriental DreamWorks, Canxing, IMAX, China Caixin Media, Sports and Sports, and Sheng. Li family, Guevara Dream Center. Covers a wide range of fields including leisure, sports, entertainment, cinema and fashion.

In addition to movies, TV shows, and popular variety shows, in the year of catching up with the sporting events, in the sports section, the micro-whale is also paying attention to all the hot events in the Super League, the European Cup, and information, and the whole game.

Micro-whale layout overweight sports career, won the exclusive rights of the entire media in the Chinese Super League global broadcast, and won the "China Team" all media global exclusive broadcasting rights, China University Football League, World Club and Germany's first-level league and other core event resources.

And relying on 24 image quality and color enhancement technologies, and the introduction of "sharp" technology, effectively eliminating the smear of moving images. The viewer no longer has to worry about not seeing the wonderful pictures of dips, quick passes, short passes and shots.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. Micro Whale TV W43F Installation Method

to sum up

Little whales W43F does not have much movement to decorate in appearance. In the original shape, the hardware configuration and content on the rectification, ultra-low pricing plus the strongest content, to create their own content ecological platform, one-stop enjoy various resources Platform membership benefits. At this price point, excellent screen performance and massive video resources are really hard to pick. Catch up with the worst Olympic Games in history and watch the highlights to see the troughs. Micro whale TV is a good choice!

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