Beauty from Northern Europe - Urbanears Kransen In-Ear Headphones

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First of all, thank you for giving me this chance

Personally, I personally like the Nordic design. The personal understanding of it is minimalist and functional. Specifically, it is on the premise of ensuring practicality, simplifying as much as possible and reducing unnecessary elements. The core value of Nordic design is that "the public should be able to enjoy good and useful things."

First sun faith!

â–³ For the first time, she was greeted with tape, which was "available."

â–³ The earphone box was stuffed inside. Although it was rough, the protective effect was good.

Zero, brand and headset introduction

Urbanears, an emerging headphone brand from Stockholm, the Swedish capital of design and development, focuses on minimalist appearance and a large variety of different styles of colors to enhance the enjoyment of consumers through beautiful designs.

Kransen is a new product recently launched by Urbanears. The official description of the product is The Precisely Anchored Headphone. It can be seen that Kransen mainly targets the pain point of the headphone cord when the user receives the headset and proposes Snap Construction. The Cable Loop solution aims to provide users with a convenient, clean and elegant listening experience.

First, packaging design

â–³ There is a plastic package on the outside of the package with some information on it. Personally think that it is comprehensive. From this point it can be seen that the Urbanears company has a serious attitude towards every product sold.

Fortunately, the headset that Zhang Aunt sent to me is Nougat Beige, one of three new colors.

The three new color combinations are Nougat Beige, Snow Blue and Powder Pink.

â–³ Three new color combinations available on the official website.

â–³ fade the coat, you can intuitively see the color of the headset and the appearance of the effect. This ... ... is the legendary composition of the golden ratio?

â–³ From another angle, it is still very beautiful. Everywhere shows the beauty of Scandinavian design.

â–³ Packaging company and product information.

â–³ On the back of the box, printed with the main selling points and introduction of the headset, and some parameters.

â–³ Two sides of the box, product description in another four languages.

â–³ The packaging box adopts a pull-out design and is fixed on both sides with tape.

Although such tapes should obviously be cut using a blade, I still decided to try a tear in order to test whether such a package could open without damage.

â–³ Plan to tear on one side and open on one side.

â–³ The adhesive tape is very sticky. When it is torn to the corner, it encounters a lot of resistance, which leads to a miracle. The uppercase GG is played.

â–³ Well, I ruled the other side of the tape and pulled out slowly.

△ slowly, don’t worry

â–³ This small triangular window gives a pleasant surprise to be announced, but it still cannot really feel the expectation.

â–³ Open longitudinally, longer trips forcibly lengthen the time to open the box, hang people's appetite, make people's expectations more intense.

â–³ The headphones body is lying quietly in the box. Although the elegant Nougat Beige color has been shown in the outer packaging, the real thing still made me amazing.

â–³ The leaflet was covered on the other side of the lid so that it was covered. It was placed outside.

â–³ It is puzzling that the lid was designed with a mezzanine. It was obviously tailor-made for the just-mentioned flyer. However, the flyer was solitarily abandoned. Is this a mistake in the packing process?

â–³ In fact, the front of the flyer is like this.

â–³ As always, Urbanears tucked the model into an artistic space in which to minimize unnecessary elements in the poster.

â–³ SLR promotion, there are other introductions of Urbanears products, the implication is that you see our other products are so beautiful, and quickly buy buy!

â–³ Let's move the line of sight back to the headset and proceed to remove the headset.

â–³ Different from the previous design, where the journey is short, probably considering that the user has experienced a relatively long unpacking process, lack of patience, and the underlying object is not as attractive as the headphone body, so the pace is accelerated here to prevent Users feel monotonous.

Here, first hang an appetite, the headset body later introduced.

â–³ A multilingual UserGuide, a Urbanears faith, and two replacement earphones, large and small. The headset body has been fitted with a medium earphone.

â–³ so many languages.

â–³ Simplified Chinese! Simplified Chinese!

â–³ full of big ones.

â–³ Find Simplified Chinese. Although it is simplified Chinese, the font is still not what we usually use.

â–³ belief. It was just because of this initial contact that I was called Faith. I was already impressed by Urbanears' design language.

Well, after introducing a few pieces of paper, we continue to look at the main body.

â–³ Remember how the headset was fixed in the box before? The erected end is used Snap Construction.

After removing the headphones, we enter the second part.

Second, the intuitive experience of the headset body

1. Appearance and material

â–³ Take out the headphones and fix the two earplugs to each other with SnapConstruction.

The skin-friendly material is gentle to the touch, and the metal at the L/R logo not only visually reconciles the warmth of Nougat Beige, increases diversity, but also lowers the overall body temperature on touch.

â–³ At a different angle, you can see the fixed mode of SnapConstruction, the connection of the headphone cable, and the headphone vent.

â–³ Snap Construction male.

â–³ Small to almost invisible angle, taking into account the fixed stability and operability of SnapConstruction.

â–³ Snap Construction Female.

â–³ front of the remote control module, remote control buttons and microphone, one large and one small two circles, the United States burst watch.

â–³ On the back of the remote control module, Urbanears.

â–³ TPE material line and braided wire, connected by a small ball. For this design of the small ball, see it, some people give praise, others feel ugly, that is too abrupt.

Closer to the face is the TPE material, which prevents the tactile sensation caused by the friction between the braided thread and the skin. This material also has better elasticity and flexibility and is suitable for use in the part close to the head.

In contrast, it is also advisable to use a braided wire that is more resistant to twisting and durability in parts where the motion is greater.

â–³ The earphone cable is stored in the box so that it is a bad experience to get out of the headset.

â–³ Headphone plug, and CableLoop jack. To be honest, the ubiquitous Urbanears has been a little bit more. Personally, the repetition of such elements has been a little contrary to the original intention of a minimalist design.

â–³ Give a 3.5mm plug to a close-up. Nougat Beige's color is used in every appropriate place, which is still very good.

â–³ In fact, the plastic part still has some traces of the mold, but it is not obvious.

â–³ Dust net cover, excellent workmanship.

â–³ However, the connection between the metal and plastic parts is somewhat abrupt.

â–³ As can be seen from this picture, there are places where the work is still not sophisticated enough to be seen in the usual place, but for this price of the headset, it is good to have such work.

â–³ Three sizes of earplugs are still best for me after trial.

â–³ It is worth mentioning that the work of medium earbuds does not seem to be the best...

2. Operation experience

â–³ Snap Construction needs to use both hands to press the headset together, and the intensity is not small. If you do not press hard enough, there will be an angle that will not be able to successfully connect. In fact, I first thought that the design of magnetism should be better, but in retrospect, the reason that Urbanears abandoned magnetic design may not be cost, but magnetic attraction may affect the performance of the headset, so this is a compromise design. .

The â–³ wire control button is circular, and the trigger pressure is not small when pressed, but it does not need to be too large, and the paragraph sense when the key is triggered is obvious enough.

Press once to play/pause, twice for the next, and three times for the previous one.

The inadequacy lies in this circle. Because the contact area with the finger is small, the pressure is so strong that the touch of the finger is not particularly comfortable.

However, it needs to be mentioned that, under the current design, the look and feel of the remote control module is very good. The two circles are arranged in an orderly manner and are very beautiful. In contrast, if the remote control button is designed to have a long bar, the simple look and feel of the remote control module may no longer exist.

Third, subjective audio experience

0. Early listening

After a long period of time, it finally entered the "pulling out". Plug in the usual Meizu MX4 Pro and experience it first.

The audio source I use on a daily basis is the 320 Kbps MP3 format audio of NetEase Cloud Music, because 32 GB is really tight and can't save too much loss...

At first glance, Randomly came the You Don't Know Me (feat.Brodie Barclay) song. Low frequency is very powerful, more texture, but some other frequency band inset, relatively vague, is a typical heavy bass headphones. On this ear, my goodwill for Kransen dropped by 20%...

1. Take the opportunity

Connect the headset to the MX4 Pro and use a slightly lower volume (one cell in low gain mode) than I usually hear. The general method is to play light music continuously for about 4 hours, then pause for about 15 minutes, then play for 4 hours, then stop playing, and stay overnight. Wait until the next day, start playing my own collection of music (about 40% light music , 20% house music, 20% instrumental music, 10% ACG songs, some FutureBass, and some other genre music), and the exact duration is roughly the same as the previous day.
At this point, the opportunity to complete.

2. Audition and comparison

(1) Lossless CD Transcription FLAC Format Audio

It should be mentioned that I mentioned WAV format audio in the measurement plan, but recently I have transcoded WAV into FLAC format due to lack of space. Although the difference should be small, I still want to know.

Test Album: Mist Lake Town

The reason for choosing this album is not only because of faith, but also because the music in this album is of a higher quality and contains more elements and emotions. Personally think that it is better to test the performance of a headset in various frequency bands. Due to space limitations, I only selected this album and several of its more representative tracks.

Track 1. Kato Tatsuya - Constraints

Track 2. Kato Tatsuya - Thinking Out (Arrange Ver.)

Track 3. Kato Tatsuya - stop

Track 4: Kato Tatsuya - Star TV Series (TV Size)

Audition experience:

After Kransen passed the hang-up, the low-frequency part was more relaxed and freer, and the high-frequency ambiguity was also improved. If Track 1 contains the main melody of this book, it can be basically resolved when a variety of instruments are played at the same time. Strings also have little burr. Plus Kransen's low-frequency tuning bonus makes the music even more. The scores are heavy and touching, and the anger rolls over the iron triangle ATH-ANC29. Although the ANC29 is focused on noise reduction, not sound quality.

Kransen's weaknesses were reflected in the performance of the piano solo. As in Track 2, the piano is concentrated in the treble section, and the individual notes are scattered in time, allowing the listener to clearly distinguish whether each note represents a color. Kransen tends to be popular, so it's hard for this kind of track, the emotions in the piano aren't well conveyed, and the notes have some rushing feeling. In contrast, Kransen's performance is even worse than the iron triangle ATH-S100IS.

The sense of humor and urgency shown in Track 3 was expressed very well because Kransen had intensified at low frequencies and the mid- and high-frequency improved after the downtime.

Track 4 is a popular ACG song. The performance is very scratching. The various elements are basically clear, but the vocals are slightly invaginated. This can be a little regrettable.

(2) Netease Cloud Music 320 Kbps MP3 format audio

Track 1. Gemini - Going With The Flow

This is Jazz Hiphop, which combines my favorite string elements with beautiful melody. Kransen showed the drums well into the hearts of the people. The string music did not hear any obvious embarrassment. He couldn't bear to blink when he listened. He only wanted to devote himself to this piece of music.

Track 2. Thero/Frankie/Caye - Problems Problems (Thero Remix feat. caye)

This song has a large amount of low-frequency music, dynamics, and both male and female voices. It can be said that Kransen is in the middle of it. Kransen interprets the song eloquently. The low frequency is flexible, but it is less than a headshot. The vocals have a sense of space, and the high frequency is just right. He can't stop listening. The intuitive sound even surpasses the Sennheiser CX500. One chip.

Track 3. Boehm/Benjamin FrancisLeftwich - Won't Back Down (Boehm Remix)

This track also belongs to House, but unlike Track 2, this song joins saxophone and cello (?), while the mid-high frequency is more abundant. Kransen still performed this song very well.

Track 4. Germany Germany - Love

This piece of music is full of characteristics at low frequencies and is accompanied by female voices. It is very beautiful. Kransen regarded the drumming of this track as a direct hit, but sadly, the female voice felt a little bleak.

Track 5. Heart Flower ~kokohana~ - となりのトトロ

This is a 25-string zither version of the chinchillas, which requires a relatively high mid-high frequency for the headphones. Unsurprisingly, Kransen was a bit strenuous. The colors of the whole piece of music were dark and not transparent enough. Even the performance of Samsung Note4 in this track can be said to be slightly better than Kransen.

Fourth, summary

1. Appearance ★★★★☆

In terms of appearance, I wanted to give five stars directly, but after thinking about it, I still gave four stars because of the ubiquitous Urbanears logo. Excessive duplication of brand information, there is some sense of redundancy.

2. Sound quality ★★★☆☆

This score is doped with more personal preferences. I usually listen to the most light music, the frequency band is concentrated in the high-frequency, low frequency, and Kransen is for the popular music tune, for the performance of the high-frequency lack. But then, Kransen's performance on pop music is still very good, so I chose to give three stars.

3. Portability ★★★★★

For portability, I did not hesitate to give five-star praise. Kransen's designers are racking their brains to solve various problems that users encounter when they carry/accommodate headphones. For example, when they do not use their headphones for the time being, they can use Snap Construction to turn the headphones around their necks. They need to use them. When separated, use Cable Loop, for example, to prevent the cord from being twisted. There is a sentence on the official website: Don't spendanother minute detangling your earbuds. Translated over, don't waste time on straightening out the headphones.

4. Cost-effective ★★★★☆

The price of 349 yuan may not be very good for sound quality, but it is worthwhile for the design and the convenience of using headphones. In addition, when Kransen was worn, there was no case of falling out due to exercise, and there was no feeling of pain in the ears. Therefore, as a portable in-ear popular earphone, the cost performance rating, I think it can give 4 or 4.5 stars worth buying.

V. Advice to Manufacturers

I think Kransen is a mature product, but there are still several areas for improvement.

1. There are too many logos for Urbanears on the headset, which can be reduced appropriately. For example, the small black mark on the braiding line is actually a bit inconvenient, and it also undermines the overall color of the headset.

2. The durability of the Cableloop is yet to be verified. After all, there are very few headphone cables that can withstand such high strength multiple bending.

3. The remote control button does not feel well. When pressed several times, the finger is somewhat uncomfortable due to the small button area and large trigger pressure. I hope to consider replacing key shapes, increasing the area of ​​the keys, or reducing the resistance of the microswitches.

4. Stethoscope effect is still relatively strong, listening to the sound of squeaking while walking, some worrying. Kransen will be more perfect if some improvements can be made to reduce the stethoscope effect.

Finally, I would like to thank Zhang Da Ma for giving me this first chance to be tested. I would also like to thank Aunt Zhang for giving me many reminders before the confirmation deadline. I hope I can contribute more and better evaluation for evaluation square later

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