A 10 Million-Kilowatt Gap Shows When Jiangsu Will Have “Electricity Hassle-free”

Just as people are generally concerned about the peak usage of electricity, on the 8th, the highest temperature in Jiangsu Province quickly pulled to 33-34 °C. With electricity, security is a big topic. Why did this year's power supply "alarms" ring early and slam loudly? Is Jiangsu as a big economic province and a big province with electricity?

According to the prediction of authoritative sources in Jiangsu Province, the total electricity consumption in Jiangsu Province this year is 429 billion kilowatt-hours, and the maximum power load for the summer adjustment will reach 69 million kilowatts, up 10% and 14% respectively year-on-year. At present, the generator assembly capacity of our province has a gap of about 10 million kilowatts compared with the highest load, and the demand growth rate continues to increase faster than the power supply growth rate, which will further widen this gap.

Coal is the main raw material for Jiangsu's power production. Although the province's main power plants store about 5.4 million tons of coal, which can average 28 days, some regions and some power plants are not optimistic. A person in charge of a Jiangsu subsidiary of the Central Enterprise Power Plant stated that due to the maintenance of one unit, the coal consumption has been reduced and the current inventory has increased to more than 200,000 tons. Once the two units are full, they will consume about 20,000 tons per day. “The coal at home will Like the water poured out, it's gone."

Last year, the country’s electricity supply and demand was still “relatively loose”, but this year it has turned 180 degrees. According to industry analysts, there are multiple reasons for this shift in Jiangsu.

“Since this year, the economic development in Jiangsu Province has continued to improve, and the demand for objective electricity has been huge. The current series of problems in power generation, power supply, and electricity utilization have directly led to the forward shift in the use of electricity peaks.” Vice President, China Resources Jiangsu Branch Wang Xuehuan, general manager, believes that the mismatch between supply and demand is the primary reason.

Changes in the size of electricity consumption and consumption structure can clearly reflect the economic growth model and its evolutionary trend. In the first quarter, the year-on-year growth rates of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in our province were 3.9%, 11.8% and 12.1% respectively. However, there is a calculation in the industry that the power consumption per one percentage point of the GDP of the province's manufacturing industry is five times that of the service industry's GDP. “From this perspective, the task of adjusting economic structure and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading in our province is still very arduous.”

“From the current situation, it is difficult to match the power supply with such exuberant demand and the pressure of demand protection is higher than that of the whole country.” Wang Xuehua said that the installed power capacity of all provinces is strictly examined and approved by the state and is generally planned according to the estimated growth rate of GDP. The national plan for economic growth in the next five years is 7%, and generator sets are also planned for growth. While the economic development plan of our province has increased by 10% annually, the gap in the installed capacity of electric power is inevitable.

On the other hand, “coal power price inversion” has, to a certain extent, dampened the production enthusiasm of power generation companies. A person in charge of a power plant in Jiangsu Province said that 600,000 kilowatts of generators consumed 315 grams of coal at a time. The current price of coal is 1,200 yuan, and only one coal is consumed. The cost of generating electricity is 0.378 yuan. The current national regulations The "online price" of the Internet is 0.40 yuan, plus all other costs, the coal has almost consumed all the profits generated by the power generation.

“Jiangsu has no hydropower and nuclear energy has a long construction cycle. New energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation have not yet become a climate in the short term. Thermal power will be the main force for a long time in the future.” According to sources of the Jiangsu Electric Power Administration, the state has required the closure of small projects in previous years. The thermal power unit, Jiangsu completed very well, but the country has consistently adhered to the policy of “big pressure small”, that is, only about the large units with a total capacity of 600,000 kilowatts to suspend the small unit to reach 1 million kilowatts. Stopped, large units launched naturally have been limited."

Many people sent high hopes to call outside the region. Gu Yufang, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Electric Supervisory Office, revealed that: “40% of the Three Gorges electricity is sent to the East China Power Grid, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Zhejiang provinces share 40%, 28%, 23%, and 9% respectively. With the increase of electricity consumption in Hubei and Chongqing, it is very difficult for Jiangsu to get the Three Gorges electricity increase."

It is also an expedient measure to respond to power shortages by power cuts. Tian Boping, director of the Institute of World Economics at the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said that “electricity shortage” is not only a manifestation of the lack of electricity installed capacity, but also a result of the long-term uncorrected power price mechanism and the delay of high energy-consuming industries.

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