4 points for small family to build a home theater

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] A few days ago, a group of small-sized home theaters were issued, which was affirmed by many netizens. They asked the small-sized home theaters what to pay attention to during the renovation, so today Simply said.

4 points for small family to build a home theater

1. Selection of projection direction

Change the projection direction. Due to the limited room area, the living room of many small-sized rooms is narrow, and the normal projection direction may not meet the projection screen requirements, so you can try to project in another direction and hang the curtain in front of the window. Just such projection requires special attention to the shading problem.

2. Projector selection

Try to choose a projector with lens shift function. The small-sized rooms are small in size, and most families will make full use of the space. Therefore, choosing a projector with lens shift function makes the installation position of the projector flexible and avoids some unfavorable installation positions.

4 points for small family to build a home theater

3. Speaker selection.

Choose a wireless or satellite speaker. Originally, the room was small, and if you add a variety of boring wires, it will definitely make the newly renovated room messy, so wireless speakers are a good choice. In addition, the small size of the satellite speaker can also be used as one of the options due to its small footprint.

4. Decoration selection

Try to choose matte decorations. The projector is projected onto the screen by a light source, so it is particularly sensitive to light, and the small-sized room is small, and the image cast on the screen is more sensitive to light. Therefore, when decorating the room, the decorations should try to choose matte surface decorations that do not reflect light.

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